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You get what you pay for

The first time I bought this wax, I didn't really know what I was doing. Little did I know that it was the best choice of wax to use for tarts. I made all kinds of tarts, and they literally popped right out of the silicone molds. Later on, I did buy from another company to save a little money, and when I made tarts with their wax, they stuck to the mold so bad, and did not look professional at all. Now granted, it wasn't a pillar blend, so I'm sure that had a lot to do with it. But at least now I know how important it is to use this pillar blend wax to make tarts. They also pop right out of the tin molds as well. I was a little worried when I first tried that, because the first time I used a tin mold, it was with the cheaper wax, and oh, what a mess. But this time I used this pillar blend wax, and they did pop right out, with barely any residue left to clean. So, if you take your wax tarts seriously and wan to make a good impression, this is the wax to use. It's so worth the price!

Verified Purchase
Easy to melt

This is the best candle wax for tarts. I used another company's brand and it was not easy to work with. It was very messy and hard to work with. I am so glad I purchased this wax. I will never purchase my wax anywhere else. I make my own tarts.