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Any plans to bring this back?

I love that this product is basically two ingredients. Any plans to bring it back?

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Rebatch Castile

I purchased two pounds of the Castile rebatch, I used my small double boiler only melting one pound at a time. I added two TBLS of liquid and 1/4 tsp of neem oil, and 1 oz of cocoa butter. It's perfect! It's not a sticky, gooey mess. This is the first time I purchased any rebatch soap from BB and I'm pleased with your product. Thank you!

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Moisturizing but a bit too soggy

I love all of Brambleberry's rebatch base as they are made very fresh and easy to work with, they are still warm and moist when delivered to me. However in recent years I catered to more and more eco conscious clientele and I only sell palm free soaps in my shop now, I wish Brambleberry would bring back the palm free version as this castile soap is too soggy. It is moisturizing and gentle enough but can become a gluey mess. I had to stop ordering after receiving several complaints about it.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Louise! I'm so glad you love our Rebatch Bases, finding them fresh and easy to use! Though you're right, while castile soap is super gentle and moisturizing it is a softer soap and takes a longer cure time to become a harder soap. Adding less water when you melt down the soap can help as well. I will definitely pass along your feedback for a new palm-free formula as well :-)

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Too much waste

I made Rebatch soap many years ago, using a different method (crockpot) which worked OK. I switched to melt and pour, but missed the consistency of "real" soap. I tried this, but ended up with a huge mess. I followed instructions, double zip-loc bags,etc., but the soap never completely melted. The bags, however, did. By the time I was supposed to neatly trim off the corner and pipe the soap into molds, I got about two bars' worth. Everything else stayed in the bag and then the trash. :(. The two bars I got are nice, but given the lack of satisfaction I think I will take the plunge and actually try my hand at cold process soap.

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Rich & Fabulous!

I add this to my M&P castile soap base and my soap comes out AWESOME!!! My friends & family love it, and my customers keep coming back for its richness. Takes scent beautifully! Leaves my skin so soft, it's like silk, and the smell is just "clean". FYI, if you buy too much, keep the extra in the freezer as it will go bad otherwise after a few months. I keep the batch I'm working with in the fridge & the rest in the freezer. Love it!