Filling Lotion bottles with a SyringeFilling Lotion Bottles with a Syringe

Did you ever wonder how to fill Malibu tubes (or any lotion bottle for that matter)?

Well, the easiest way we've found to fill lotion bottles is to get a large syringe (check your Veterinarian's Office or your Doctor's office, you can normally purchase them for $.99 to $2.50 per tube) and some extra tubing and use the syringe to draw the lotion from your pot or jar and squirt it into your bottles. It is much easier than using a funnel and clean up is a snap!

Here's a great idea from soaper Marta K:

After trying many ways to pour my skin lotion into my bottles, by Inspiration I got this one: ketchup bottles!

They are squeezable, mess free and whatever leftovers you have, you can keep in the bottle! please pass this along, it has saved me many ziplock bags, messes, headaches and money! To wash them use some dish detergent and a little bit of bleach; cover, shake and let it sit for a little. Empty and rinse a couple of times more AFTER all the suds are gone. Air dry upside down for a couple of days. If they still smell like ketchup, wash again and please, share that ketchup with your friends. I had to buy seven 64 oz bottles for my business, and everybody in the family got free ketchup!

Here's another excellent idea from soaper Lorna C.:

"I use zip-lock type storage bags for big batches, and sandwich bags for small batches. I just pour in the amount I want and add the color and scent, massage it, and cut a small hole in a corner. This way you can flatten the bag as you use it and get at least 95%."

A suggestion from Christie W.:

"I use the one gallon plastic jars with pump tops, like what they use for ketchup and mustard, this way you can do a lot of bottles without having to stop and refill."