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Go-to tool!

This simple injector tool works perfectly for those small areas that need a bit of soap. Once I got the hang of it, I just can't live without it! Very warm water nearby keeps the soap warm and movable. A tip to give is that I don't fill the syringe up more than a couple of inches. I just refill as I need more soap, spritzing with alcohol once I've filled in the tiny spaces. If I have to think about how my mold looks, I remember to drop the syringe right into the warm water so it won't harden. It is such a handy tool! I use it regularly.

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Fabulous Tool!!!

I have a lot of customers who like MP soap with cute designs. I was losing my mind trying to get the fine details without glopping soap everywhere and making a mess. This tool makes a lot more molds doable for me. You do have to rinse it to keep the soap from hardening inside it, but that's not too difficult. Thank you Brambleberry for another great tool!

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I have been using and ordering the injector tools from BB for years and never thought I would be so dismayed that I felt compelled to write a bad review. The tools "used" to be great, but now I can barely get more than two uses out of one tool before having to get out another one! I do a whole lot of injecting in my molds so having to use this many really breaks the bank!

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Rene! I'm sorry about the clogging. We love the Injector Soap Tool and find it handy for all sorts of design projects, though it can clog up if the soap hardens in the tube. It helps to keep cup of hot soapy water nearby, that way you can clean the tool out before any soap clogs inside. See an example in the Celtic Melt and Pour Soap Tutorial. Customer service has contacted you directly to find out more about the change you mentioned. :-)

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Was excited but now disappointed

I bought this tool to use for the gingerbread man soap. It worked well at first and I had my boiling water beside me. Although, the injector started melting after awhile. I had to cut it , but after that, it was sloppy looking and the soap eventually hardened even with my regular rinsing. I had to use my pipette, but the pipette was more reliable. I recommend using a pipette, because its cheaper and if you mess up, you won't be wasting that much money.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jane! I'm so sorry that happened to your injector. While we do suggest having a bowl of hot, soapy water near to keep the Injector Soap Tool from clogging, we would not recommend having that water so hot it is boiling. This tool is made from plastic so it can melt at high heats! See an example of this tool being used and cleaned in the Eggcellent Easter Melt & Pour tutorial.

Love these

I've been using these for many projects in the past. I did purchase these else where a few years ago. The trick of using these is to take a small amount of oil and apply to the black rubber part when they stick. They will then work just fine and last a long time. In fact I clean and take them apart and set the black part to soak in some oil until I'm ready to use again.