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Great for MP

It can be difficult to get a good black using a white MP base, but this does a fantastic job. I do wish there was a pump for the bigger bottles to get it out easier.

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Great color

Used this in MP and at first was angry that I couldn't get a deep black color...then I realized I didn't shake the bottle and once I did, my problem was solved! Love the uncommon black color in my soaps!

Does what it says

We used this in 2 recipes. One melt and pour and one cold process. It created a great, pure black in the melt and pour. And, it also did exactly as it said it would in cold process. No matter how much we used, it only turned gray and spotted. I should have read the directions again before us in the cold process. However, if you're going for a spotted gray in cold process, you can use your creative side and try it out.

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Well worth the money

Years ago, I was talking to a colleague about macs versus old time PC's. He said: "you can put your laundry in the washing machine-or, you can take to the river and beat it on the rocks". Of course, he was a Mac guy. And that's how I'd describe these color ants for melt and pour soaps. About 10 drops of color for a pound of soap, and you get a nice, opaque black (I do throw a few cubes of white in) that doesn't speckle or migrate. No need to worry about whether the little colored shavings melted, either. You would have to be a soap factory to need more than the one ounce. I colored about 3 pounds of black soap, and it barely made a dent in the bottle. I don't know heat this does or doesn't do with cold process, but I think it's the best choice for melt and pour