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Good deep blue

This doesn't turn out quite a royal blue as I had hoped but rather gives more of a deep denim blue. It's still a good colorant and serves my purpose in both M&P and HP soap.

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Non-Bleeding Liquid Colorants

I have several colors and I love them in my Melt & Pour soaps. Can these be used in Cold Process?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jeanne! Great question! I wouldn't recommend using the Non-Bleeding Liquid Colorants, like our Liquid Blue, in cold process soap. This is because they can be difficult to incorporate into CP and speckling can occur.

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Lynne M
Good Working Blue

One drop of color in one ounce of M&P clear gives a bright medium blue. The color did not make the soap opaque- light shines through this color nicely. It also mixes well and predictably with other colors and blends into the hot soap without a problem.

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Brilliant Color

This works so very well! I also bought the yellow and red so I could mix colors to my liking. There is no clumping, bleeding color or anything else. As far as I can tell, it doesn't even effect the smell. Since trying these, I find I prefer the liquid non-bleeding colors to the powdered ones (except the mica. For some reason, those do splendidly for me).