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Melt & Pour

I used this in my melt and pour pumpkin soap. It gave it a beautiful orange color that I wanted. I did see that it will bleed in melt & pour but I figured I was not doing layers with other colors so it would be ok. My soap looked beautiful! However, it did create a orange lather when sudsing but did not discolor hands, the color did come off onto a white shower curtain though. Help, what can I use to get that rich color but stay with the soap and not suds orange? I gave it average because I thought I could still use as long as I was not doing a layered look, but disappointed in the orange lather and showing up on shower curtain.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Mary! I'm so glad you loved this colorant in your melt and pour soap! Though, I'm sorry you disappointed with your soap lathering orange. As with any color, if you use a large amount the soap will lather that color. If you do not want it to lather orange you will need to cut back on your usage. Though, it should not stain and should wash right out of the white shower curtain.

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Muddle Soaps
Great in CP!

It's so orange! Which is exactly what I was after. A nice, rich orange without having to use too much. The problem I had with it was trying to get it out of the bottle. It's such a little hole, I was afraid of squeezing too hard! And there's a little spotting in my CP soap. The color took really well, which I was afraid it wouldn't, so I put a little extra in. I think I might have added too much, because there are some spots in the soap. It works with the design, so I don't mind it much. But next time, I'm going to use the frother to mix it into the oils really well before adding it to the soap itself. Treat it like a powder, and you'll mix it into the soap just fine.

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Orange in CP

I have been trying to get a orange color in my cold process soaps for some time, and I love this! It was pink/red when mixed into the batter, but after gel phase it's a fantastic and vibrant orange. Just what I was looking for!