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Great product but costly

I love this shampoo base, but I am concerned with the price increase! I am starting my own business and will find it hard to justify my customers paying so much for shampoo - that is if they even try it! Just the shampoo, not including the bottle/top and any other oils/EO I might add, it's $2.44 for 8oz. That's my costs. I may continue buying the jug for my family but will not be purchasing more for the business. Reading through recent reviews, I see Brambleberry losing a few customers to this high increase. :( Oh and I need to find my BOL to figure in the costs of shipping. I forgot to include that in the price of the shampoo base...

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Thank you for your concerns. Some of the ingredients in this base had a price increase so we had to raise our prices as well to cover costs.

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Let me preface with I cannot recall a time I have ever written an ill review for any company and I’m sure I will receive a fluffy “We are sorry you feel this way” acknowledgement; however, I find it necessary that BrambleBerry is made aware. I have bought 33 gallons of the shampoo base and went to order another 16 gallons today and I am SHOCKED at the price increase! It would normally cost me $360 plus $142.88 shipping - $502.88 total. For the same 16 gallons, it now costs me $490 plus $142.88 shipping - $632.88 total. That is $130 price increase! As a small business owner, I realize prices fluctuate, but I cannot and will not expect my customers to just “absorb” this drastic of an influx! As YOUR loyal customer I would expect the same. Needless to say, I am very disappointed in BrambleBerry.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The price of our Liquid Shampoo Base did go up. We had not evaluated our pricing for that base in some time and found it necessary to cover our own higher costs and production. If you're looking for another option we found the Stephenson Organic Shampoo Base works very similarly and is lower in cost.

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Price increase is so high

I love this shampoo base, but since the drastic price increase, I've been looking to get something elsewhere. Honestly, it's still just SLS and I have many customers that won't touch it anyway because of that. This price increase just helped me make up my mind to get it somewhere else.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
I definitely understand where you're coming from. If you're wanting to create an SLS-free shampoo you may prefer our Argan Oil Shampoo Recipe.

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Stephanie Foster
$24 to $38.50!!! Change it back!

There can not be a logical reason why this shampoo increased in price from $24 to $38.50! I can not pass this price increase on to my customers! I spend a lot of money with your company~ not to mention how many customers I have sent to you! This increase is absolutely greed!

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Why Such a price hike?

at the end of 2017 I made up the Shampoo and the quality is excellent. I am reordering today only to find that a gallon was $24 and now is $38.50. Thats quite upsetting and I will be shopping around for a company who has a better price.