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Stephanie Foster
$24 to $38.50!!! Change it back!

There can not be a logical reason why this shampoo increased in price from $24 to $38.50! I can not pass this price increase on to my customers! I spend a lot of money with your company~ not to mention how many customers I have sent to you! This increase is absolutely greed!

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Why Such a price hike?

at the end of 2017 I made up the Shampoo and the quality is excellent. I am reordering today only to find that a gallon was $24 and now is $38.50. Thats quite upsetting and I will be shopping around for a company who has a better price.

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It's wonderful but...

This shampoo base is wonderful! I have never been able to simply was and not condition my hair....until I used this shampoo base! I did not have to use a conditioner and my hair is soft and full of volume. It stayed nice and thick even when I added fragrance and the lather was creamy and abundant. It is a great product. The only reason for the four stars instead of five is that in the less than two weeks since I ordered the price has gone up 50% for the gallon size.

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5 Stars

Love the rich and creamy lather. Makes my hair feel clean and conditioned.

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Didn't expect it to work so well!

I have long (to my waste), thick, wavy, frizzy hair. I read all the reviews and bought a couple trial sizes. I was going to fragrance them, but it has a very light clean smell already. So I decided to just try the shampoo to see if I liked it rather than waste my essential oils if I didn’t like the shampoo. I was very surprised how well it cleaned!! So just as a test and per the web description, I did not use any conditioner and it wasn’t a tangled mess when I was brushing it after I got out of the shower. I did brush my hair prior to getting in the shower so I’m not sure how it is had I not done that. BUT, I am definitely buying the gallon and will fragrance it. It’s WAY cheaper than what I have been spending for a 32oz bottle of shampoo. I did notice that a lot of people complained about it being runny. Since I didn’t add anything to it, the consistency was the same as any shampoo, so it’s possible when you add your fragrance oils it may make it a little runny especially if you add enough for a strong scent. I am looking forward to receiving my gallon so I can never have to buy shampoo again!!!!