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I can not tell you how much of a waste of money this product was. I tried ALL kinds of ways to get this to *not* separate when mixed, used the salt solution, used everything else thickener wise that I could think of and it was still extremely watery and would separate into layers. This is the first negative review that I have ever had to write and I'm sorely disappointed in this product. It's fine alone but as soon as you mix it with fragrance oil, the thickness completely disappears and *nothing* you do brings it back to where it was before the f.o.....who wants soap that's an ugly color with no fragrance??? Waste of money.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
It is pretty common for fragrance oils to thin out the liquid soap, they sometimes can even thicken the soap. For this reason we recommend first adding your fragrance to see how it will behave in the the Liquid Soap Concentrate Base and other liquid soap formulations (it can vary based on the soap formulation as well). At that point you can then decide if the base still needs to be thickened and go from there. If you want to try your hand at making liquid soap from scratch check out our Liquid Soapmaking Book.

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im experiencing separation as well

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Seems good but confused

I made a batch of soap but it didn't thicken using salt water. I used 3:1 but it was kind of watery. There isn't really any instruction on how to use this product. With the CP soaps there are tables showing how much oil and lye based on batch size but there isn't anything for this. Do you have a video or other how tos like you do for CP and MP?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Allison! I'm glad you think our Liquid Soap Concentrate Base seems good! Though, I'm sorry it didn't thicken up with a salt solution. When you add a salt solution to your soap it can take a while to finish thickening, even beyond 24 hours! You also may not have used enough salt. We recommend using .5 oz. table salt (very important it be plain table salt, just the cheap stuff) dissolved in 1.5 oz. distilled (warm) water. We use about 12 ml of the salt solution in 16 oz. to get a very thick soap. We don't have any videos or tutorials on this product as it is a base, but checkout our Champagne Bubble Bath tutorial we made using this product!

How to Keep my Soap Clear

I like the soap - the consistency is nice - easy to regulate. But my soap always turns pink after awhile, due to the fragrance added. How can I avoid this?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Cheryl! I'm so glad you like our Liquid Soap Concentrate Base! Though, I'm sorry you're having problems with discoloration. Fragrance Oils can definitely discolor soap, including liquid soap. I will email you personally to help troubleshoot!

Shower Gel recipe

Do you have a go-to shower gel recipe that you'd recommend using this with? I'm looking for something thicker like hand soap, not runny. Thanks!

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Lauren! We do not have a go to shower gel recipe. Though you can easily thicken your diluted soap base with a salt water solution or product such as Liquid Crothix. I will email you personally to discuss this further.