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Matte gold - not yellow

I tried to use this with liquid red and liquid blue to mix my own colors for my MP soaps but this color is not yellow - it's the same color as the King's Gold Mica without the shimmer. I'm disappointed I could only use this as a gold colorant and that it wasn't a bright yellow but as an item on its own, it's a good product.

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Lynne M
Great Yellow

One drop of this yellow added to one ounce of clear M&P resulted in a soft but strong yellow and opacified the soap. This is a valuable color- glad I got it.

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A few drops is all you need to achieve the color shown so It'll last you along time.

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How does the liquid colorants work with candles? Does it turn out good? The color blocks have very few options.

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Brilliant Color

This works so very well! I also bought the red and blue so I could mix colors to my liking. There is no clumping, bleeding color or anything else. As far as I can tell, it doesn't even effect the smell. Since trying these, I find I prefer the liquid non-bleeding colors to the powdered ones (except the mica. For some reason, those do splendidly for me).