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Easy and Beatiful

The kit is beautifully put together and would make a nice gift in it’s self. This was and easy project and the lotion bars look and smell great. I will give them people as holiday gifts or hostess gifts. I kept one for myself and I can say that the consistency is more oil like. It has some nice oils that should be good for chapped, winter skin and hands that get subjected to lots of water. I can easily buy more of the materials and reuse the mold many times.

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Rose Magyar
Perfect for gift giving

We own an Apiary. This is the perfect gift and a great seller. Love the fragrance. I purchased more molds and a 5 pound bag of Wildflower Honey fragrance to make in bulk. I also use the molds for a bath bomb recipe. I really appreciate this product!

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Love this Bar!!

What is the shelf of these bars. Love the feel and texture.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The shelf life of a lotion bar is determined by the oils you make it with. The shortest oil shelf life used in this recipe is one year so the lotion bar should also last about one year if made with fresh oils. For more information on shelf lives check out our Common Soapmaking Oils blog post.

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Love it

First off I love this kit! I love the kit but mine did crack on the top is there a way I can fix this? Thanks for the help

Sarah Tooker
Christmas gift

I was given this kit as a Christmas gift. I made it using the initial instructions for amount of ingredients. How I wish I had cut it in half. It made far more than I expected. I used all 10 push up containers plus 5 other containers that I scrambled to find before solution set up. I found the final result of the bar to be too oily. Is there a way to make the final product less oily? I also found that I really did not care for the “energy” scent that came with it. Would it be possible to re- Melt the solidified lotion bar, add anything(?) to make it less greasy and is there a scent that might mellow out the strong smell of the energy scent. Just curious. Other than that it was very fun to make and I would have enough leftover that I can make a smaller batch. I will definitely try a different scent though.