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I love it!!!

I have now been making soap for a year and a half now and this olive oil has been so consistent it has made the whole process simpler. I am now looking to expand from the 7 lbs option to the 35 lbs option but I'm not sure how the 35 lbs option is packaged. Does anyone know the answer?

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Never had any issues!

I have ordered roughly 50 lbs of this olive oil so far and each and every order of it has been PERFECT! It is one of the main ingredients in my handmade soaps, and I've noticed that my soap is only a slightly ivory color, so it really doesn't discolor my soap very much at all, even without colorants. I will definitely be buying A LOT more!

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Angela J
Not sure it can get any better!

I've ordered (almost!) exclusively from Bramble Berry for my soaping supplies...probably 99% of my soaping stash! I am consistently happy with the quality of product--especially with the Olive Oil! For people like me, just starting out this year in building a business, this exceptional quality olive oil has made all the difference. I soap with primarily olive oil, so the quality has to be top shelf. Bramble Berry's olive oil IS top shelf. I am grateful to have found a company who provides a great product, and at a price that beats the competition soundly. The oil is very mellow, and while it has varied slightly in color, it never seems to alter my soap's final color. LOVE it. :)

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Variable color, consistent customer service

I've ordered pure olive oil for my CP soapmaking exclusively from BB, and it’s always been great quality. My last bulk order arrived very, very dark green, and I noticed some comments on this product page complaining of the same thing. Natural product, variable color, etc. I really like using light oils and keeping at least one color in my designs a natural, creamy white (without using TD), so it’s important to me to use light oils for some recipes, and more importantly, to know what I’m getting when I order something. Before reordering this olive oil, I used the chat feature on the website to ask if there was a way I could find out whether they were currently pulling from a light or dark batch before placing my order, mostly expecting someone to say, “sorry, no way to know, roll the dice.” I was connected with Matt, who asked Chloe to run out to the warehouse, take a picture of the current batch, and text it to him, and then he attached it to our chat so I could see it in real time. The whole thing took less than 10 minutes, and I could not have been more delighted by the whole interaction. The current batch was light and golden, I ordered double what I usually do, and every expectation I had was wildly exceeded. Stay gold, BB.

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Very, Very Dark

I have been buying soaping supplies from Bramble Berry for quite a while now and have been very happy with the quality of their products, pricing and customer service, so I am greatly surprised and disappointed to have had my most recent experience with them. The current lot of olive oil is considerably darker than it normally is. Of course, olive oil comes in a wide range of color from very light to dark green, but this oil is so dark that it greatly impacts the color of your soap batter. When I first received my latest order--14 lbs. of oil--I was concerned that it would affect the colors of my soap, so I contacted Brambl Berry's customer service to see if i could return it for a lighter color oil. Chloe responded quickly, told me the oil was safe (which was not my concern) and that it might tint the soap batter a bit, but a little TD should fix that. With that assurance, I made my first batch of soap with this dark oil. I had planned a 7-lb. slab-mold swirl with 4 shades of blue soap. I put in a TON of TD, but the batter was still VERY yellow. I had to settle for 2 shades of green instead. I cannot make any soap that has white, ivory, blue, purple or pink in it with this oil. I am upset that Brambleberry did not note in the product description that their current lot of oil is much darker than previous oils. That information absolutely should be provided to customers before they buy. I cannot return this oil, either, because the shipping costs would eat up the refund. I've had to order 15 lbs. of olive oil from another vendor.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Elizabeth! I'm so sorry you had that experience! Olive Oil is natural product and can definitely vary batch to batch, and it varies widely at that. You're absolutely right though, the batches can also be quite green and dark which would impact the color of your soap. While Titanium Dioxide can help lighten the green tint, it will be very hard to get a white soap using a high percentage of darkly colored oil. When making cold process soap it is super handy to be able to work on the fly a bit and substitute oils if they won't work for a specific recipe or idea you have in mind. Canola Oil is a great substitute for Olive Oil when you need a lighter color. For help with this check our How to Substitute Oil in Cold Process Recipes blog post as well as our Formulating Cold Process Recipes blog post which may help as well :-)