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Kelly J
Great product

Amazing product, smells fantastic, and performs beautifully in everything I've made so far! While I love it and will continue to buy the orange butter, I'm still giving only 4 stars. It really sucks that I ordered 8 oz. and paid over $12 for it, and it comes in a thin, flimsy plastic bag that you have to scrape clean to get what you paid for out of it. What's worse is that even after scraping the plastic clean, I still only got 7.63 ounces. If you're not going to make it user friendly, at least give people 8.25-8.5 ounces so that we're not spending 30 minutes scraping plastic and not getting what was paid for. This is a very soft butter and greasy, so scraping plastic is not my thing here. Please rethink selling in either plastic containers or thicker and more durable bags.

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You've got to try this butter!

I don't order a whole lot of the specialty butters. But I am so glad I got this one. The smell is out of this world delicious! The ingredients in this butter make it easy to incorporate into just about any product. I've used it in a lip balm & a lotion and it performed perfectly. I will definitely be back for a larger size!

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Live it

Made whipped body butter and lip palm. Very nice, refreshing and energizing. Thanks Bramble Berry