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I love the pour bag

I actually love the way it comes packaged. Easy to just pop it in the microwave, melt and pour straight from the bag. No mess and pours nicely from the opening. I hope they DON'T change the bag.

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OMG What was I thinking?

BB is one of my main suppliers. I thought I was doing something right; purchasing 7 pounder. OMG, I have to agree with Jennifer. This oil is excellent. This is the only place that I purchase palm oil. Please find a different way to pack the 7lbs. I was so happy when I saw this much available, but it is a bit cumbersome to work with in the plastic pour bag. You guys still my fav tho! :-)

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Lin Mei
Good price on the Palm oil

This is the cheapest Palm Oil I could find if purchasing a small amount (1 lb). I like the bag that it came with. It’s easy to melt and pour.

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Don't like the bag

The oil is good, but I don't like the bag the 7 pound comes in. It is easy to melt in it, but I don't like using all that plastic and it is hard to pour. I end up using too much sometimes. I like they tell you the Palm Oil is sustainably harvested.

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Lynne Richardson

I previously got my palm oil in buckets, would melt it all down and then separate it into smaller containers. I was a little skeptical of the bag. But, I LOVE it!! I just laid it down on its side in my microwave and heated in one minute bursts. It took about a total of 6 minutes. Then just shake well to mix, and pour! The spout worked perfectly with no oil drips down the side. This is genius!! I absolutely loved the ease of this!! And I also love that the supplier is RSPO certified! Thank you Brambleberry! Well done!