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This clay gives a beautiful color to cp soap, but you need to use a lot to get purple. It light gray unless you add a lot. I used and ounce in a 10 pound batch to achieve a beautiful lavender color.

Nice Earthy Purple

This made a nice purpleish color. I was a little disappointed with the color, but that was because my expectations were to high. I had no issues soaping with it. It is more of an Earthy Plum color. Thankfully I used poppy seeds with it, and that really made it pop. This is an excellent natural colorant. I used it at roughly 1 tsp per pound of soap.

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I bought this as part of the Brazilian clay sample and must say this is my absolute favorite color of the bunch so far. I used it in cold process soap as a swirl, with lavender fragrance oil and lavender fragrance buds on top. It came out a beautiful deep plum color. I figured it would come out a sort of dirty mauve, because that was the color of the clay, but it is absolutely gorgeous. I will be buying this again (as well as the other Brazilliam clays which are definitely beautiful.). I want to stay away from Micas for now because I prefer a more natural color. If you are looking for a beautiful deep purple color, I would recommend this. I think I used it at a ratio of 2 teaspoons clay and 2 Tablespoons distilled water for one pound. Also insulated for a full gell phase as it was recommended to get a more vibrant color.

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Love this clay!

This is a beautiful earthy shade of puple in my cold process soap. Clays are quickly becoming my favorite type of colorant. Plus it adds beneficial qualities to soap.

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Beautiful Color in Soaps

I use this clay in my cold and hot process soaps, I love the pretty purple color, and that is natural.