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Such a great base

Does not sweat at all, I love this base!

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what am I supposed to use it for?

I ordered this by accident instead of the real clear MP. I can’t use for embeds then what exactly am I supposed to do with it? Does it work with the like cold process white? I’m disappointed I didn’t read the description :(

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Develops a skin pretty quick

This soap base was easy to work with. I have not had any issues with it. Takes color and fragrance nicely. The only issue I had was that it begins to develop a skin really quickly, even when it is hot. I had to rush to get a toothpick a couple of times when using this soap as there were air bubbles in the soap when I poured it. By the time I came back to pop them and move them around, a skin had developed and made my soap look horrible. So i dipped the horrible parts down into the soap so the hot liquid could come through and give an even texture. That worked.

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Favorite MP base

I tried several clear MP bases, but this one is seriously my personal favorite. Such a crisp and clear base that is easy to work with. One concern. I see Palm Oil in the ingredients list. Is this RSPO certified? Could you verify this so that I can comfortably commit to this base? I really want to see Brambleberry to act as not just a supplier of RSPO but also making a difference in the manufacturing chain as well. Thanks!

Good for high humidity

I have been purchasing this base for quite some time and it works very well in the high humidity of Belize. There does seem to be a more recent problem with the layers not sticking together. I have always made my soaps with layers but now it is not working. Otherwise great product.