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Same Problem as Dawn

I'm having the same problem as a review from May of 2018 - nothing changed on my end but now I'm having trouble with the sweating and one of my vendors is returning product as "bad".

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
While the SFIC LCP bases are low sweat bases they can still definitely sweat, especially in high humidity areas and the summer months. We would still recommend completely wrapping your soap to help prevent that. Find out more in our Explaining and Preventing Glycerin Dew blog post.

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Dawn McCombs
LCP soap now sweats

I have been buying LCP soap for years from Brambleberry and they did not sweat. Over the past year some of the product has started sweating. My retail store is air conditioned to a low temperature to preserve all of my bath and body products, but the soap still sweats. I have called and emailed Brambleberry multiple times, thinking that I was sent the wrong soap that isn’t LCP. Without apology I am always told that even this soap sweats in humidity. I try to explain that my store is kept chilly, 68 F to bd exact, and that their explanation doesn’t explain why for years this product didn’t sweat. I don’t know if the recipe has changed or if I am being sold the non LCP soap, but I will have to try to find another supplier. As a long term customer of Brambleberry this upsets me. I like most of their other products. I just haven’t been able to talk to anyone there who can logically explain this to me, compensate for what I thought I was buying or even showing any concern.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
While the LCP bases are low sweat they can still sweat slightly, especially in humidity, since they are still glycerin soap. The glycerin content is what causes the sweating since it is a humectant. While an air conditioner will keep your workplace cool it will add humidity (moisture) to the room and your soap. Using something like a dehumidifier or running a fan in your soaping room will better help keep the sweating to a minimum.

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Quality Product

This is a high quality soap base. Lather is good. Feels silky. I don't have much humidity here but I can report it did not sweat.

will this melt easily

I'd like to ship a finished product of this soap to Dominican Republic for my grandmother to enjoy. I'd just like to know since it is obviously HOT over this will this soap stand the weather. I fully plan of wrapping it in plastic as is recommended. Would just like to know if it stands a chance?

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Michelle B
Does not embed well

I attempted to make a layer with poppy seeds in it (which looks beautiful in white M&P). Despite being at a low pouring temperature, all the poppy seeds floated to the top. I've had no problem with standard M&P. I think it's a fine soap otherwise (lathers fine), but might not be the one for me.