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Just wanted to verify that these bars will stay a bit soft even after drying for a good length of time? I was waiting for them to harden completely but after reading other reviews I guess this is not the case. And it is OK that they are somewhat soft? Just wondered what the best approach is for packaging so they don't squish flat.

This is excellent

I LOVE how easy it is to mold and shape them. theyre like giant marshmallows and so easy to do anything with. Im not sure why the bad reviews. Maybe theyre not doing something right but these are perfect when you follow the recipe. Theyre addicting to make and i will be making more!

allergy issues

Hi, this isn't really a review, but more of a problem with me/question. I am allergic to the SLS chemical ingredient. Is there any way to make a solidy bath cube-type item without using this? I know this is a kit, but I have scoured the website trying to find a recipe that would be either sugar, salt based, and have some oils in it for moisturizing, but not have to be scooped...solidy pieces. I recently tried to make something on my own, which was oils mixed together, and when they are solid I dropped them in the bath.Only problem is: refrigeration. Help! thx.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kirsten! Great question! We worked on this recipe for a very long time and this was the only formulation that was successful. For this reason we do not recommend making any substitutions or changes to the recipe. Though it sounds like a bath truffle without SLS would be a perfect fit for you. Check out some of our bath truffle recipes in Making Bath Truffles on Soap Queen TV (the second recipe on this page does not contain SLS, though the first one does) or Orange Creamsicle Bath Truffle tutorials.


wow!! very unhappy with the outcome of these bars!!! they will not dry for nothing and forget keeping any shape ( a total waist of my products)

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Terica! I'm sorry you were unhappy with how these bars turned out. We love the Solid Bubble Bath Kit and fun bubble bars you can make with it. The bars need to be moist so they can be easily crumbled into the bath. If it is too wet for your liking you can preheat your oven to 200 degrees. Once it's heated turn off the oven (so it's not still cooking) Leave them in for 15 minutes and that should help them dry up a little!


I had been wanting to make these bubble bars for quite some time but held off after reading the reviews where they turned out too soft. Finally I decided what the heck and gave and it a try! I am pleased to say they turned out wonderful! I did decide to not use the green coloring, instead I made half the mix blue and left the other half white. After doing it this way I think that the color could be part of the problem why for some the mix is turning out to soft. I noticed my blue mix was in fact quite a bit softer than the half I left alone and just kept white. I think had I colored both parts that my mix would've also been to soft to hold its shape. I think in the future maybe reducing the liquid colorant by at least half would really help or using a powdered colorant like mica in place of the liquid would also prevent the mix from being to soft. All in all I'm very pleased with how my Bubble bars turned out and plan to make more from this recipe in the future! Thank You Bramble Berry