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Perfect pre-made base

I use this for muscle bars.

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Wonderful Product UPDATE:

I made this as a solid perfume for men / women and it preformed wonderfully!! It holds the scent very nicely. Everyone I gave samples to loved it! However, I just tried it as a lip balm and the product itself is nice ( maybe a little waxy ) but the final product had no scent! I never had this problem with other lip balm bases...I smelled the scent when I added the flavor oil and sweetener but once it was in the tubes and done no scent. It has been 3 days and still no scent. I used 1ml of Flavor Oil and drops of sweetener in 2oz of base. I will keep those for myself and try again since I know it can hold a scent as perfume! UPDATE: I'm not sure what happened but the Lip Balm I made is wonderful now! The scent has come back and it is wonderful! I am very happy with this product and so is the person I gave a sample to!


My customers LOVE the solid perfumes I create with this base! I actually find it just a tad firmer than I like in the pots, so I add fractionated coconut oil to it (1 part FCO to 2 parts base) to soften it just a bit so it gives a little more easily to the pressure from your fingertip. Customers continue to rave over it and how long their solid perfumes last on the skin, with no greasy after feel. I was ordering a solid perfume base from another company and it was literally 4x the price of Bramble Berry's. I am so glad I decided to try this! It's also an excellent lip balm base that I've tinkered with adding some additional ingredients to in order to create a truly rich, lush, deeply moisturizing balm from. It's perfect as it is, or as a jumping off point to experiment and make it your own. Thank you for the AMAZING price on this product - and the 16oz bag with the cap is perfect for microwaving OR using in a double boiler. If I could give it 10 stars, I would. :-D


It's a much better value to get the 16oz one as it comes in the microwavable bag. This made making solid perfumes so easy for me versus out of the small 4oz jar. It's the perfect amount as well to make lots of perfumes when you are on a crafting kick. It mixes so well with oils and my mica powder to give it a beautiful color. I'm so happy with this base and will continue using it.

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Love It

I love this base. It's so easy to melt out of the bag and measure out into different containers, allowing me to make a multitude of scents in a short period of time. Customers love how it helps keep the scent on their skin, and I love how moisturizing it is when I use it.