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Tapioca powder

I really like this and use it in my body butters. Before discovering this product they were always a little too greasy and took a while to soak into the skin. Now the tapioca powder cuts down the greatness and helps it absorb into the skin much quicker. my family and friends love my improved lotion bars.

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Body butters and tapioca powder

I started using this powder in my body butters for the simple reason it cuts down on the slip of the butters. It works great. I use 1/4 cup to three cups of body butter. Don't over use as it changes the feel of the butter. I may try and use a tad bit more in the next batch just to see how much I can get away with. All my customers tell me they love the feel of the butter as it absorbs quicker.

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Oil Reducer!

Great starch to add to body butters and lotions to tone down on the oil! I add this to all my butters and bars!

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Tapioca powder

This product is an absolute must for adding to body butters. I love it and it will go into all my butters

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What a difference!

I've been making body butters for years for myself and family and while everyone loved them, they were always somewhat greasy no matter what oils/butters I used. Well, I figured that was just the nature of the beast and didn't think any more about it. I recently started using Tapioca Powder in the butters and what a difference it makes! Now I still make the butters "old style" for use at night with cotton gloves or socks (winters here are brutal on the skin) because I like the barrier they leave, but "new style" with tapioca for daytime use without being greasy. My MIL swears by them for after-hot tub use! Great new addition to my family's old favorites :)