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Love it!

I have used silk in my goat milk soap for years and love it! I get raves about how non-drying my soap is, and it makes the soap even more beautiful. Inexpensive to use and easy to dissolve in lye solution.


Can you use this in melt and pour soap?

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So smooth! LOVE, LOVE LOVE!!!

I started using silk last year in my soaps and I will never soap without it. It's good to know BB gets the silk after the insect has emerged, unlike others who harvest it while the insect is still in it. The price is comparable to the others who actually kill the bugger, so it seems only right to purchase it here. Since a little goes a long way a small bag lasts a really long time. I use about a cotton ball sized piece, cut up really small, for a 6lb loaf. It makes the soap glossy and the bubbles so smooth and silky. The down side is I can't use it in 100% goats milk soaps, since it needs the boiling heat to break down. The liquid is just too expensive for me. If I was willing to only use 1/2 gm and 1/2 water it would work fine, but I notice the gm soap is better at 100%. That's just my personal preference, I'm sure others could use it in their gm soaps if they used powder gm with oils or 1/2 & 1/2 gm/water.

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super product

This really does add a nice feel to your soap. I think it does ma ke the soap a little softer so be careful not to overdo if you aren't using a lot of hard oils anyway. I snipped the fibers with some little scissors and it dissolved easily. It's a great product and if you are selling your soap it hardly adds anything to the cost which is amazing!

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Best additive since clays!

I finally made the jump to try this and so glad I did! The price is phenomenal for the amount of silk you receive and it does create a more moisturizing luxurious soap! Love it!