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I use a pinch or so anytime I'm not using any frozen liquid and it's been great! It adds a slight 'silky' feel and helps keep a frothy lather. It's a wonderful additive for a nominal price. Had no negative side affects in cold process.

Can’t soap without it!

Love, love, love the silk! Smooth and Shiny bars of CP soaps. A little goes a long way.

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gina boyd
tussah silk

I love love this product!! I make every batch of CP soap with it!!

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crumbly soap after silk

I would like to know how much a "pinch" of Tussah silk is because my pinch per pound of soap must've been too much because when I cut my loaf it had crumbly areas that looked like colby cheese. I made sure I dissolved the fibers in very hot lye solution and mashed all the fibers against the side of the container. I could still see tiny filaments when I poured into oils. Was I supposed to strain them out? Also a little warning about using hard oils as noted by an earlier reviewer would be appreciated. Bottom line, it ruined the entire loaf. Now I don't even know if I can rebatch it.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
A pinch of Tussah Silk Fibers is a bit hard to describe though you can see a good example of the amount used in our Silky Berry Cold Process Soap tutorial.

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Love it!

I have used silk in my goat milk soap for years and love it! I get raves about how non-drying my soap is, and it makes the soap even more beautiful. Inexpensive to use and easy to dissolve in lye solution.