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Very Helpful

These work great! I wet my finger and rubbed it on the surface of the soap, then rubbed the strip on the wet spot. The packaging does not indicate what is a safe level for soap because pH strips can be used for things other than soap. However, the description above for this product says that a pH level of 10 or less is safe to use.

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Works for me

After hearing about zap tests and other ways to test soap, I prefer these strips the best. There is a chart to let you know if your product is within range. I trust these strips and they have been accurate and reliable.

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needs a reference guide

These would be a little more useful if they came with a reference guide as to what is a safe result when testing your soaps. I've had to go on multiple websites to try and figure out what my results mean. Needless to say, I'm still a little unsure. If anyone a brambleberry could explain the colors scale on the PH strips that would be helpful!