Before anything is added to the website, it’s tested multiple times by our research and development team. They test hundreds of products a year, but only a few make the cut. We see how fragrance oils, colorants, and more perform in cold process and melt and pour soap. They’re also put to the test in other DIY products like lotion and scrub.

Quality is important to us. When you get your order, you can read the performance notes on the label and start creating right away. You can trust that our products have been thoroughly vetted before they arrive at your door.

You can find the testing notes on each product page. That includes:

  • Fragrance and essential oil performance in cold process soap, including whether the scent accelerates, increases temperatures, causes more soda ash than usual, etc.
  • Fragrance and essential oil discoloration in cold process and melt and pour soap with photos included
  • Color performance in gelled and non-gelled cold process soap, as well as clear and white melt and pour soap
  • Usage rates and suggestions, including the best time and temperature to add it to soap, lotion, etc.
  • SAP values, melting points, shelf life, and tips for best performance for oils and butters
  • Links to recipes and videos demonstrating how to use the products

You can learn more about Bramble Berry’s quality testing process here.