2020 Makers of the Month

Bramble Berry Makers of the Month 2020

Every time we scroll social media, we're blown away by the creativity and talent of the DIY bath and body community. We wanted to showcase their beautiful work here, so we started a series called Maker of the Month. The interviews included information about how they got started, what inspires their work, and their advice for fellow business owners. This year, we featured nine creators from all walks of life. Watch Anne-Marie unbox their products, and learn more about each one below!


March - The Nesting Doll Shop

svetlana with the nesting doll shop

Svetlana's work is instantly recognizable. She creates cute and colorful products often inspired by desserts. Her soap and body butters are topped with embeds in the shape of honeycombs, watermelon, and candy corn. 

"I have a wall of mica jars and every time I see it, I come up with a design idea and get to it," Svetlana said.

DIY bath and body by the nesting doll shop

Along with creative expression, she loves making products because she can control what goes on her skin. Svetlana plans to continue refinining and narrowing that product line, and hopes to set up a few wholesale accounts.

April - Home Brewed Soaps

melanie with home brewed soaps

Melanie first started making soap to give as gifts. She wanted her loved ones to have something that was both meaningful and useful. 

Her process kept evolving - first, she replaced the water in her recipe with beer. Then, she started making bars for wedding favors. Guests love the rustic look and skin-loving recipe.

"I love creating products that I can feel good about and that make people feel good," Melanie said.

DIY products by home brewed soaps

Her line now includes products made with coffee and tea. She hopes one day to have her all-natural bars in guest houses and hotels, as well as a few wholesale accounts. 

May - Herbs & Soil Apothecary

gabby with herbs and soil apothecary

Gabby has always been crafty. She created scrubs, bath salts, and masks for her family, and spent her free time learning about herbal infusions and foraging.

When a family member was diagnosed with cancer, Gabby started researching natural ingredients and what they can do for the skin. That's when Herbs & Soil was born!

DIY bath and body by herbs and soil apothecary

She now sells skincare products made with essential oils, natural colorants, and botanicals. Turning her passion into a full-time business has been a dream for Gabby.

"My favorite thing about making skincare products is that it allows me to be creative daily," she said. "I have a wide product range because I enjoy using different techniques, working with different ingredients, and experimenting with essential oil combinations."

June - BombShell Creations Soapery

michelle with bombshell creations

Soap making is more than a business for Michelle. The first thing she made was gentle oatmeal bath bombs to help with her son's severe ezcema. They noticed a difference almost instantly.

"Let’s just say they became a regular in our household and I never stopped soaping!" she said.

Then, when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, she quit her job to stay home, heal, and be with her family. Michelle also started researching and making bath and body products. Before long, she was selling them to a loyal customer base.

DIY bath products by bombshell creations

She recently started her own website where people can buy adorable soap, lip balm, lotion, and more. Eventually, Michelle would love to open a storefront.

July - Fern Valley Botanics

elan with fern valley botanics

Elan started her business with digital marketing in mind. Because she opened right when COVID-19 lockdowns began, she had to build up a community entirely online. Communication was key.

"Go and reach out to people that you find interest in," she said. "Talk to them and support them however you can and get to know them. Talk, give, and reciprocate!"

DIY bath products by fern valley botanics

Elan's products are inspired by nature, and often feature clays and botanicals. They're also inspired by her son - he gave her the momentum to keep going.

As for the future, Elan wants to donate soap to her community and maybe start teaching workshops in the woods.

August - Monarch Soap Company

marisa with monarch soap co

Marisa started out by making natural deodorant and lip balm. She wanted to reduce the number of chemicals she was using in her bath routine. Then, she got hooked on hot process and eventually cold process soap.

Having a creative outlet was important for Marisa, who served 22 years with the US Navy. When she retired in 2018, she started her company.

"I love being able to customize my soap recipes for people with different skin needs, and being able to do this full-time has not only been therapeutic for me, but super enjoyable as well!" she said.

DIY bath products by monarch soap

Her goal is to share the things she learns with others. Marisa said she'd love to start a nonprofit that teaches women in developing countries how to make soap for their community.

September - Soaplicious

patricia with soaplicious

Soap making is an important creative outlet for Patricia too. She works as an architect, which means she has to be focused on every small detail. But when she makes soap, she can relax and have fun with the process.

"I honestly feel free to be truly creative when I make soaps," she said.

Her day job does sneak into her recipes though! Patricia makes beautifully precise designs in various colors. 

DIY soap by soaplicious

Her focus for the future is growing her business through marketing and social media. Soap making brings Patricia so much joy, she wants to make sure her business is successful.

October - Moon Love Bath

deborah with moon love bath

It's safe to say most of us struggle with self-care. With so many things to do in a day, it can be the last one on our mind. Deborah wants to change that.

Her DIY candles and bath products are designed to make people feel good and help them relax. The best part is, doing so helps Deborah too.

"Mental and emotional health has been a journey for me, and Moon Love Bath is my own personal form of self-care," she said.

DIY bath products by moon love bath

One of her favorite parts is the naming process. You can always count on her products to be clever, cute, and colorful. Deborah hopes to one day sell them in stores.

November - Butter Me Soft

markita with butter me soft

Markita has a bit of a bath product obsession. It started six years ago when she made bath bombs for the first time. After months of experimenting, she finally found the perfect recipe.

From there, she expanded her line to include bubble bars, whipped scrubs, soy wax melts, and more. They feature unique designs and skin-loving ingredients.

"I love that there is no limit to what I can create when combining different colors, fragrances, ingredients, and shaping them into something no one would expect," Markita said.

She'd love to have a mobile shop one day that she can take on the road.

DIY bath products by butter me soft

We're continuing this series in 2021! Share your creations with #BrambleOn for a chance to be featured.