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Burned through plastic cup

Im glad i didnt have a chance to use this fragrance on my soap. The fragrance melted plastic cup and spill over the counter while i was gathering rest of ingredients for my soap. Very disaapointed .Not recomended .


I absolutely love this fragrance! I did a HP oatmeal bar with it and it was PERFECT! I've used both the old and new formula and love them both. This is a fragrance I seriously think everyone has to smell at least once because it is sooo good. It's foody without smelling too much like a bakery and almost reminds me of a nice amaretto scent.

used in bath salt

I had someone who wanted a sweeter almond smell for their bath salts. I used this and while it smells divine, it leaves a woodsy smell on you after the bath. I didn't use very much in the salts so I'm not sure what happened there but it does smell lovely. Next I'll try it in soap. Maybe it performs better there?

Yum,yum and yum!!

This FO smells amazing! I used it in CP soap and it behaved beautifully even though I have a high percentage of hard oils in my recipe. This one is going to be a mainstay in my soaps! Thank you BB!

True to Almond Biscotti!

Wonderful fragrance. Performed well however my soap accelerated really fast. Not sure if it was this FO, the other fragrance I mixed with (Oatmeal Stout) or maybe it was the beer I used! :) Love this fragrance though - it will be a mainstay for my CP soaps.