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  • Chipotle Caramel Fragrance Oil

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Chipotle Caramel Fragrance Oil: After Lela from Bella Lucce got Anne-Marie (Bramble Berry's CEO) hooked on Good Karmal’s Chipotle Caramel candy, we set about recreating the spicy sweet fragrance that made our mouths water and our hands shake. This fragrance has been tested in CP soap and while it loses some of its sweeter buttery notes, it’s still delightful. Sweet, creamy caramel is blended with supporting notes of vanilla and nut for a traditional caramel base and then livened up with heavy doses of chipotle, cinnamon, clove and a surprising note of pimento. Because of the vanilla, this fragrance does discolor to brown and we think it’s worth it.

Vanilla Content: 3%

This fragrance is phthalate free.

Flashpoint: 200ºF +

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by Allison
on 11/11/2014
My favorite fragrance oil!! I love the hint of spice. Ive used it in bath bombs and mp soaps. Its nice and strong, you dont need to add as much as you do with other fragrances. I can smell the soaps through the wrapping and the bath bombs when i walk by the jar. And it lasts a long time! No fake chemically smells here, it smells wonderful :)
by Alisha
on 7/30/2014
I had a fragrance that I wasn't wild about, but thought it would be great in a blend, and thought this FO sounded like it would do the trick. Out of the bottle, woah! Super buttery and candy caramel smelling. I was banking on BrambleBerry's description that the buttery richness is at least somewhat lost in CP soap, and it was spot on. The buttery sweetness is gone and it's more spicy now. More smokey. I'd say don't be scared of the out of bottle scent, it definitely develops better (better that is, if you don't like the OOB scent) in the CP soap.
by Danna
on 6/16/2014
Amazing Bath Bomb Scent
OK, so yes, out of the bottle it smells strongly of caramel and you don't really pick up much of the spiciness in the scent. But oh my word...add it to a bath bomb recipe, and it almost does the reverse. I don't know why. As soon as I mixed it in, I could immediately smell the clove and cinnamon and it is AMAZING. The tiniest amount (1/4 tsp) has filled my entire house with the smell of chipotle caramel. I normally don't like "food scents" but this is so wonderful. I love it.
by Sarah
on 6/5/2014
More Caramel than Chipotle...
I would definitely recommend this fragrance if you have a dessert/bakery line. When I gave my hubby and son the sniff quiz, they immediately identified the caramel and the vanilla nuttiness. If there is a chipotle scent, I couldn't detect is. So I had my hubby smell it over and over again because he is a spicy food expert and he could detect a mild spice right when you smell it, but then it is quickly overwhelmed by the caramel.
by Barbara
on 5/22/2014
A Surprise Winner!
I had to order after reading the description. It's a beautiful day here in Ohio, so our shop door is wide open. We just poured soy candles made with this scent and it's wafting out into the plaza. Folks are wandering in saying the smell is to die for. We may need to cut the wax/fragrance ratio, but with these results, maybe not. We have a winner!
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