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Jamie, Ewe So Dirty Products

The BEST buttery color I have EVER tried! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! This works so well in CP and never looses color. I use 1/2 the suggested amount to get the buttery color and it is amazing! Thank you for supplying such awesome products!

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Fizzy Lemonade

I love using this yellow in my melt and pour. It's beautiful and bright. I like mixing it with my green oxide to lighten up the green. I need to order more!

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Virginia I
Fizzy Lemonade

Best yellow I have found for cp soap. Clear and bright.

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Perfect in MP & CP

I have used this colorant in both MP & CP and the color came out perfect in both. A bright vibrant yellow. I used it with the lemon FO in the CP.

weird phenomenon

I have not used this colorant before and in the last loaf I made, it turned pink! Let me back up and say that 2 other colors turned pink as well. I'm not necessarily sure what caused this, but I thought I'd review it just to warn people that it can indeed change color! I used Fizzy Lemonade, Sparkle Gold Mica and Pearly White Mica, each portioned separately. Scented with 28 gms Sensuous Sandlewood + 10 gms Leather. In a separate portion I did French Vanilla scent and used cocoa powder for extra brown color. I did an "in the mold" swirl in my 10" silicone BB mold and refrigerated it. Everything that was not brown (aka the Sandalwood mix) turned pink!! I did use sodium lactate but my recipe was pretty basic other than that. Some butters, oils, lard.... Maybe not the Fizzy Lemonades fault but oh boy did it turn pink. Not a drop of yellow anywhere.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Leslie, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. I’m really surprised to hear that your soap turned pink! This colorant has always resulted in a bright, cheery yellow for us. I will be contacting you personally to help you find out why this might have happened, so please look for my email.