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  • Fresh Bamboo Fragrance Oil

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Fresh Bamboo: We fell in love with this fragrance at first sniff. The clean scent reminds us of crisp jungle leaves in a damp rainforest. Imagine the smell of wild Bamboo stalks, crisp Aloe and Jasmine Petals with base notes of Vetivert and soft musk mixed together in a refreshing blend. This fragrance has been tested in cold process soap and is recommended for experienced soapers only as it may accelerate trace. If ricing occurs, keep mixing until you reach a smooth consistency.

This fragrance is phthalate free.

Flashpoint: 200ºF +

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Verified Purchase
by suzanne
on 11/21/2015
Wonderful scent!!!!!!
Bought this based on reviews and made AMAZING body butter! Now on to body spray, lotion and moisturizing body spray! LOVE it!!!
Verified Purchase
by Diana
on 11/20/2015
My new addiction.
Holy Smells Like Green Heaven In A Bottle! It smells great in the bottle, it smells great in the bowl, it smells great in the soap, it smells great in my bathroom, and my kitchen, and my laundry sink, and my skin, and I can't WAIT to make body butter with this. Fresh, clean, green-exactly what I would imagine a Bamboo Rainforest to smell like. I used it in a melt and pour project-not only do my soaps look beautiful, they smell divine! You really nailed this one Bramble Berry~Thank You!!!
Verified Purchase
by Lynette
on 11/14/2015
Use care with CP soaps. Read reviews.
Smelled devine. Mixed like normal, one 2lb loaf, no color or anything. Traced to a solid brick in about a minute. Tried to remelt, but a no go. 2lbs of oils in the garbage. REVISED RATING Set aside 1/4c of oil, added fragrance, mixed rest of oil with lye till slight trace, slowly added FO/oil mix and mixed by hand. Turns out pudding texture and smooth. Easy to pour. We will see how it sets now. Added poppy seeds to an all coconut bar. Fingers crossed.
Verified Purchase
by Vernita
on 11/8/2015
Amazingly Fresh Scent
Love, love, love this scent! Used it in my cp soap and I can't stop smelling the bowl. I soaped at room temp, mixed only until emulsified, added a little green color, and hand stirred the fragrance in. I did experience acceleration and a little ricing, but I was able to blend it out and still pour it into the mold. Can't wait to try this in a body butter or bath salts.
Verified Purchase
by Charlemagne
on 9/5/2015
Super clean scent
What a clean, wonderful scent. Perfect for the spring and summer. This blends well with ginger and lime scents. The aroma has great staying power in shea butter blends and lotion bars.
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