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Beautiful clean scent

I really liked this one - its light, airy, and clean like a clear and cold winter day. It's hard to describe, but it was very nice in the soaps I made, and the bath bombs as well.

Holy sticking power!

This is a very clean scent. Though I don't get "snow", it smells more like clean laundry to me. This sticks extremely well in cold process. In fact next time I will use less because it really goes a long way. When I walk past my drying rack I can only smell this batch (I've got six different batches curing in the same rack at the moment and the batch made with this scent far overpowers the other fragrances). This soaps beautifully with no issues, acceleration or color morphing.

Big Seller

I used this on a whim mixed with a little White Rose FO for a body cream and OMG...everyone went crazy over it. I was unsure of the scent myself, I know I liked it, but I wasn't sure how others would feel about it, but boy oh boy was I in for a surprise. My customers bought multiple jars of the cream because they loved the fragrance so much. I haven't tried it in my CP soap. I didn't have enough left over after the high demand for body cream. I will buy a bigger bottle next time.

My #1 seller

Every time I make any product (soap, bath bombs, scrubs etc...) in this fragrance, I sell out at my craft shows. I bought a 2oz bottle because I was only planning on making it through the winter months but I'm reordering ur biggest bottle so I can make it all year. It's amazing!!! Everyone loves it. You did good with this one brambleberry!!!


Reminds me of Downey which I love! Everyone loves this scent!i will use this in the summer as well!