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Silicone Column Mold: This innovative 2-piece silicone loaf mold makes round soap that is amazingly easy to unmold.  The mold design makes use of extra thick silicone to keep the sides from bowing out and distorting the round shape. The interlocking seal is simple to use, no clamps or bands are needed. And of course, since it is made of silicone, this mold is extremely easy to release your soap and wash. As with most silicone molds, your cp soap may need an extra day or two in this mold to fully harden since the flexible silicone sides do not allow air inside the mold, which results in slower evaporation of water and hardening of your soap. Works well with melt & pour soap, too!

Tip: If making Cold Process soap in this (or any) silicone mold we recommend adding Sodium Lactate to your recipe. This will help to harden up your soap so that there won't be any dents or finger marks from unmolding the soap.

Please Note: To avoid any leaking make sure the interlocking seal is fully pressed together around the entire edge of the mold. For an extra secure seal use bulldog clips on each side to keep the mold secure even while being jiggled and moved.

Care of your mold: We recommend hand washing your mold.

Cavity: 1

Cavity Dimensions: 9-3/4" (length) X 2-3/4" (diameter)

Cavity Capacity: 34 oz

Check out a great tutorial on how to use this mold here.


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by Barb
on 3/29/2015
Good bye pringles cans
i luv this mold for my shaving soap. although after reading some of the reviews i did take the pre-caution of using binder clips along both sides of this mold and set it inside a container in case it leaked out the bottom. i still would set it inside something before i pour....just as a pre-caution but feel confidient that the binder clips are not needed. i will never line another pringles can again. it unmolded perfectly. my only complaint is that i cut at 1 inch thick and if you fill the mold to the top that last cut is not a full 1 if the mold was a smidge longer i would luv it even more.
by Aundrea
on 11/16/2014
Buying another right now.
I really like this mold. I have two and have used them quite a lot. The only time I had any soap escape while tapping (and I don't tap gently), I discovered that I had not lined the sides up properly when I had put the mold together. As long as I line the sides up properly and check the inside to make sure everything is pressed together and lined up, I have no problems and I get such nice, round soap.
by Anastasija
on 7/30/2014
Yesterday I made soap in this mold. It is beautiful. Regardless of the other reviews, I can say that I use it as usual, with tapping and without any bulldog clips, and everything was fine. Soap is almost perfect)))
by Stacey G
on 7/26/2014
Seal Does Not Hold Up Even With Clips!
I was all ready to give this mold a 5 star review until tonight. I had previously made 3 beautiful batches in this mold with no issues. I purchased clips and placed 2 along each side, just to be on the safe side. Tonight, as I gently tapped the mold to release any air bubbles, both sides split open and oozed my soap batter all over the place. Even with the clips, which became an oily mess and didn't want to stay in place after the spillage. It seems as though the seal does not hold as securely as it does the first couple of uses. Very disappointed in this mold. Even with adding clips and tapping still failed. I wouldn't purchase again nor would I recommend this mold. :(

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Stacey! I'm sorry this mold wasn't your favorite. We've found it works well for soap, as seen in this Oatmeal Milk and Honey Cold Process Soap. Because the seam runs along the bottom of the mold, we don't recommend tapping it. To help reduce air bubbles, you can pour your soap slowly down the side. I'll be emailing personally to resolve this issue!

by Stacey
on 7/21/2014
Very Disappointed
If want to tap your soap to release bubbles I do not recommend this mold. After reading the reviews of others I was extremely gentle and cautious when tapping this. I tapped it VERY gently three times before the side split open and it oozed my expensive batter all over the counter. Mine does hold water and soap batter, but the slightest vibration makes this split open. I hope they improve the locking mechanism before too many others waste their valuable money and soap batter with this mold.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Stacey! I'm sorry that this product wasn't your favorite. We've found that this mold holds soap securely. However, you may want to put clips on the sides of the mold for some extra protection. I will be emailing you personally to resolve this issue!

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