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  • Silicone Liner for 18 Bar Mold

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Silicone Liner for 18 Bar Mold: No measuring, cutting or tapping here.  We custom made this extra durable silicone liner to fit our 18 Bar Birchwood Mold and it fits Perfectly.  Just plop it in for a quick, seamless liner that will make unmolding 18 bars of soap a breeze!  This mold liner was made to fit the inside dividers without using the plastic side panels included with the 18 Bar Birchwood Mold.

Dimensions: 12-5/8" (Length) X 9-1/4" (Width) X 2-1/2" (Height)
Liner Material: Silicone 

We recommend hand washing all of your molds and pieces to make sure they last a lifetime.

Note: This mold liner is not stable on its own and must be used inside an 18 Bar Birchwoodmold to work properly. The 18 Bar Birchwood mold must be purchased separately. Due to the height of the liner we have found that to make the lid fit you need to flip it over to the flat side.

*This liner will fit 18 Bar Birchwood Molds purchased from the beginning of 2013 until present. If your 18 Bar Birchwood Mold was purchased before 2013, this liner will not fit due to updates to the 18 Bar Birchwood Mold


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Verified Purchase
by Karen W
on 9/25/2015
Perfect Silicone Liner!!
Fits the 18-bar mold perfectly! Sturdy, lies nice and flat, and releases the soap well. Couldn't ask for a better liner for my mold!
by Kathleen
on 5/11/2015
18-bar Silicon Mold
I was so excited to get and use this mold liner, along with the birchwood mold & dividers (NOT a cheap investment). Clyde of Vibrant Soaps sang its praises, and made it look so easy to use, so I decided to treat myself. I allowed the soap to remain in the mold for 3 days to make sure it was ready for an easy removal......The liner would NOT BUDGE out of the mold! Eventually, I had to use pliers to pull it out, DAMAGING the liner in the process! Probably would have had better luck with freezer paper MINUS that liner. $19.99 shot. Will think twice before "investing" again.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kathleen! I'm so sorry you had troubles using this liner and removing it from the mold. If your liner is wet when put into the mold it can create some strong suction, releasing that suction is the key to releasing your soap. Also, if any soap gets between the mold and liner it will stick. I will email you personally to resolve this issue.

Verified Purchase
by Marissa
on 5/9/2015
I noticed that a lot of people are having issues with "buckling" on the bottom of the mold. Firstly, I would like to state that this is a wonderful mold! I am a sculptor with a lot of experience in casting and mold making and I can tell you that it's definitely a great product. I actually, didn't even buy the wooden box (I made my own) and I have not had the problem of the silicone buckling. However, if you force the silicone liner into a position that it doesn't want to be in-- like all silicone (because it's soft)-- it will buckle. Just double check to make sure you're doing it right (if it's not laying flat before you pour your soap in, then your soap won't be flat on the bottom). I absolutely LOVE my silicone liner. It was actually cheaper to buy this ready-made than if I made it (no time or money wasted!). Side note: when my liner arrived it was slightly misshaped from shipment (totally normal)... I just weighted it down with some bricks and let it sit for 2 days & it was perfect.
by Tara
on 4/29/2015
So simple!
I love these molds, I'm not a fan of clean up so this makes is super simple. I'm curious, how many ounces does this hold?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Tara! I'm so glad love our Silicone Liner for 18 Bar Mold! This mold/liner holds about 6 pounds of soap. I will email you personally to discuss this further.

Verified Purchase
by Happy Girl
on 4/12/2015
Soap turns out uneven in thickness in spots
I ordered my wooden tray and silicone liner at the same time in August of 2013. They appear to fit together. I have only used this set about 4 times. Each time when I unmold the soap I see that the bottom of the liner had lifted up in spots leaving the soap an uneven thickness. I am very curious as to what is causing this. I wash it gently by hand each time. Is it possible that silicone expands a little when hot? Or that a suction type of action takes place when the soap batter is in there lifting the bottom of the mold? Enough people are having a problem with this that I think it would be useful for you to explore this further.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Happy Girl! I'm sorry you were experiencing problems with this liner. In our tests and recipes we found it creates a nice, smooth bottom to our soap as seen in the Tile Inlay Cold Process Tutorial. I will email you personally to resolve this issue.

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