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Silicone Liner for 5 lb Wood Mold - Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy way to quickly line your wood mold. We had this liner made especially to fit our 5 Pound Mold with Sliding Bottom. Not only is it the fastest way to line this mold, but better still, it is reusable. Works wonderfully for both cold process and Melt & Pour! Just think of all the possibilities! Take your smaller loaf mold designs to the next level of production. Pair this with our Multi-bar Cutter and you'll be a soap making machine!

Inner Dimensions: 2-3/4" (Height) x 3-3/8" (Width) x 16-3/4" (Length)

We recommend hand washing all of your molds and pieces to make sure they last a lifetime



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by Lauren
on 4/7/2014
Too long and floppy
I really love using these molds, makes my soaping so much easier. However the silicone mold does not stand up straight in the mold and flops over, making pouring difficult. I've accidentally poured between the silicone and the wood because the side flopped down as I was pouring. I end up having to dab some soap in between the wood and silicone to get it to stick to the wood and stop drooping. And even after all the soap has been poured in, I still get a wave at some point in the silicone no matter how much I try to correct it, because it seems to be slightly too long for the wood. I feel that if the silicone was just a bit thicker it would be a much better product.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Lauren! The sides of the liner can flop in before the soap has been poured. To remedy this, we recommend taping the sides to the mold while pouring, and removing the tape after the soap has been poured and is able to support the sides on its own. The liner should fit perfectly in the mold, so I will be emailing you personally to ensure you received the correct product =)

by jane
on 3/19/2014
2 out of 3 Good
I purchased 3 of these for my 5# molds from BB and 2 work great, they do flop because of being thin but clips on the sides take care of that, however one of the liners was a bit big and I get a wave in my loaf side. Even with the problem child liner I give these a good rating and would purchase them again.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Jane! I'm so happy to hear you are enjoying your liners. I'm sorry to hear that one is giving you problems, I would be happy to email you personally and resolve this issue!

by Chatti
on 1/25/2014
Not that good
This silicone liner absolutely does not make it easier to line your mold. Personally I am starting to hate it. I wanted to love it, even like it but... the times that I've used it one side of the liner flop over as I was pouring in my soap and I got soap all over the sides and all over the liner, and had to quickly scope up and out. What a mess. I even taped the sides but that did not hold. I'm thinking next time to use binder clips or I'm thinking of just using my silicone molds and not even having to deal with this liner.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Chatti, thank you so much for taking the time to give us feedback on this product. In our experience, the sides of the liner to lean inwards slightly, but straighten out once soap has been poured into the mold. We are always looking for ways to improve our products and make them easier to use, so I truly appreciate you sharing your experience with us. Binder clips sound like a genius idea. Thanks for being a customer!

by Heidi
on 11/21/2013
Pretty great with a few kinks.
I bought 20 of these. I'm absolutely thrilled with about 5 of them! Each liner has it's own personality. Many of them are kinked on the sides or flop in on themselves creating wavy edges and ends on my soap. I left my liners with a wood shop who custom made my molds to fit these liners. Many times I have to "dab" soap between the wood and the liner acting like a "glue" to get them to stand up and stay straight. Don't get me wrong, I love these liner. They make soap making so wonderful and easy, they are high quality and unmold so easily. Not to mention the price is incredible. I just wish they didn't have kinks and stood up better. If they were thicker I think this would help, but I'm not sure. Still a great product.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Heidi, We recommend using our liners only with our custom made Bramble Berry 5 lb. Wood Log Molds. They fit into those molds perfectly without any ripples or kinks. Sometimes the molds do fold over, but they should straighten up once you pour your soap!

by Natalie
on 11/15/2013
Would not want to be without this liner
We have 8 of these liners and have been using them in our soap making business over the past year. We have made over 800 bars of soap in these liners and they still look like new. I can not imagine my business without these wonderful things. I had my son make wooden molds to fit these and they are just perfect. Every loaf comes out easily and cleanly, every time. They work with our softer olive oil bastille and our super hard coconut dish washing bars. A real time saver and work saver as clean up is fast and there is no measuring and cutting paper or plastic to line soap molds with. These molds are a must for our business. I would not want to have to be without them.
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