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  • Silicone Liner for 5 lb Wood Mold

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Silicone Liner for 5 lb Wood Mold - Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy way to quickly line your wood mold. We had this liner made especially to fit our 5 Pound Mold with Sliding Bottom. Not only is it the fastest way to line this mold, but better still, it is reusable. Works wonderfully for both cold process and Melt & Pour! Just think of all the possibilities! Take your smaller loaf mold designs to the next level of production. Pair this with our Multi-bar Cutter and you'll be a soap making machine! This liner is thin to keep the price economical and you will need to use clips or tape to keep it in place when pouring your soap.

Inner Dimensions: 2-3/4" (Height) x 3-3/8" (Width) x 16-3/4" (Length)
Linner Material: Silicone 

We recommend hand washing all of your molds and pieces to make sure they last a lifetime



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Verified Purchase
by Amy
on 7/20/2015
Love it!
This is a great way to line a wood mold without having to mess with parchment paper. I use it with the 5lb wood mold with the sliding bottom and it works like a charm. The silicone liner slips right out of the wood mold and then easily peels off of the soap, leaving smooth sides and sharp corners. Cleans up easily with soap & water. Just a few pieces of scotch tape holds the sides up well enough. Much easier than lining with paper!
by Janelle
on 7/4/2015
The measurements for this liner are wrong
Inner dimensions are actually 2 5/8" H, 3 1/4" D, 16 7/8" L Outer dimensions are 2 3/4" H, 3 7/16" D, 17 1/8" Measurements taken from a new, unused mold, triple checked. Accurate measurements are important, and you should fix that.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Janelle! We measured again and are still finding our Silicone Liner for 5 lb Wood Mold as having the same inner dimensions as posted. It sounds like you may have gotten a one off. I will contact you directly to get this fixed.

Verified Purchase
by Diane
on 5/9/2015
less than average
I purchased three of these liners; custom built my own wooden moulds to suit. While unmoulding was clean and easy, the flimsiness of the mould makes it less than ideal when you have to fiddle with sticky tape, vaseline gel etc to get them to stick. Might as well use freezer paper - which we don't get in Australia. I used vaseline gel which helped 'stick' the silicone to the timber, but the heat from saponification warps the silicone and makes any effort I tried a waste of time. Having 'dents' in your mould is not a good look when you are selling your soaps professionally. My query via email to remedy the issues resulted in nothing more than a 20% discount coupon which I may never use. I have since found Their liners are made with premium food grade silicone. They have many of the same moulds as BB but with more detailed information.
by Renee
on 5/7/2015
Um... yeah..
I received the 10 lb loaf mold & 2 silicone liners from Bramble Berry yesterday. Of course I knew (by reading other reviews) that the sides of the silicone liner would be flimsy & not stay upright. I'm going to use double sided sticky tape on the inside of the wooden mold should (hopefully) that will keep the sides of the silicone molds from drooping into the middle. What I am not satisfied with (and this is not in the product description nor did I see anyone mention this in their reviews) is how SHORT the silicone liners are compared to the length of the wooden mold. There is a 1 inch GAP between the silicone molds when they are placed into the wooden mold. I know it sounds trivial but 1" gap is significant especially when the small piece of "support" wood that is sent with the wooden mold is about the thickness of a nickel. It is not thick enough to support both ends of the silicone molds at the same time. Not cool. Any suggestions?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Renee! I'm sorry you were disappointed with this liner. While our Silicone Liner for 5 lb Wood Mold is very flexible, it should not have that large of a gap. It sounds like you may have gotten a defective one! I will email you personally to resolve this issue.

Verified Purchase
by Karen
on 4/12/2015
Silicone Mold....Disappointing
First let me say, I have been very happy with Brambleberry products and services. However, I am not happy with the performance of this silicone mold. It's designed and promoted as a timesaver, but it functionally is not. I spend more time and frustration trying to prevent "ripples" that ultimately reduce the number of marketable soap bars I am able to produce from a loaf. I wish I had read the reviews before purchase. Please redesign this product.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Karen! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this liner. I will email you personally to resolve this issue.

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