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Weird Question Here

Hi, I've been using sweet almond oil for a while now in my lotions & also as a carrier oil for powdered micas in soaps. The quality is terrific, and the reception among friends & family has been great. My question is, given the number of people allergic to nuts, is sweet almond oil a potential problem for anyone with such an allergy? Or would I be better off using another light oil in its place?

Love This

I made lip balm with this and the infused calendula. I love it and just can't keep the lip balms in stock. love the flavor and the ease in which it is applied. I have found it last for quite a while. Is there any need for preservative in this Also I am using a art paint pot with air tight lid I found at Michaels. While I did wash them is there any concern for sanitation. They are very affordable and the size is perfect. 12 for $4.00

Stephanie M
Love it and great price!

I use this in my CP soaps, lip balms, scrubs and a few other products I make. I even used this to make an infused oil for my soaping and it worked wonderfully. I feel like it really makes a difference in the feel and adds a certain silliness. I used to buy cold processed sweet almond oil but upon using BB's I noticed it doesn't really make a big difference. Not to mention this is more affordable :). I would recommend this to everyone.

Great product!

I love this oil! I can tell that it works wonders in my lip balms. I made a batch of lip balm without it and one with it, and the one with it is so much more creamier and silkier on my lips. I also apply it to my face at night, and I can FEEL the quality! :D Definitely going to be making another order here soon!

Love it!

Always loved sweet almond oil, but was a snob. It had to be cold processed and pure, but I was paying a lot of money at the specialty stores and/or ordering online. One day I purchased BB 16oz bottle, just to try (at that price, why not), it was a little thicker than the cold processed and darker in color, but it did the same job. I not only make my butters, lotions, oils and soaps with this I wash my face twice daily and moisturize with this, use as a bath oil and use in my naturally curly hair. This removes my makeup, hydrates my skin and stops the frizzes for my hair. I came back for the 7 gallon jug this time. Will definetly keep this in stock.