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Sweet Almond Oil - Excellent as a massage oil, this luxurious oil is also wonderful in soap. Use it in your cold process recipes at 5% and enjoy the moisturizing properties of this light oil. Sweet Almond Oil is renowned for its rich concentration of oleic and linoleic essential fatty acids which help to give it unequalled penetrating and restructuring properties. This oil also makes an unparalleled carrier for salt (for use in salt scrubs). 

Botanical Name:  Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Almond) Oil
Common Name:  Sweet Almond Oil 


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Verified Purchase
by Robin
on 6/18/2015
Weird Question Here
Hi, I've been using sweet almond oil for a while now in my lotions & also as a carrier oil for powdered micas in soaps. The quality is terrific, and the reception among friends & family has been great. My question is, given the number of people allergic to nuts, is sweet almond oil a potential problem for anyone with such an allergy? Or would I be better off using another light oil in its place?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Robin! I'm so glad you've been having such success using our Sweet Almond Oil! Great question! Sweet Almond Oil is produced by pressing the dried kernels or nuts of the almond tree. These kernels are the same nuts you're used to eating, either whole or ground into meal, and are usually known simply as almonds. For people with nut allergies they would want to contact their healthcare professional to find out if this oil would be safe to use as it depends on their kind of allergy. A great alternative to Sweet Almond Oil is our Apricot Kernel Oil!

by Debbie
on 3/13/2015
Love This
I made lip balm with this and the infused calendula. I love it and just can't keep the lip balms in stock. love the flavor and the ease in which it is applied. I have found it last for quite a while. Is there any need for preservative in this Also I am using a art paint pot with air tight lid I found at Michaels. While I did wash them is there any concern for sanitation. They are very affordable and the size is perfect. 12 for $4.00
by Stephanie M
on 3/13/2015
Love it and great price!
I use this in my CP soaps, lip balms, scrubs and a few other products I make. I even used this to make an infused oil for my soaping and it worked wonderfully. I feel like it really makes a difference in the feel and adds a certain silliness. I used to buy cold processed sweet almond oil but upon using BB's I noticed it doesn't really make a big difference. Not to mention this is more affordable :). I would recommend this to everyone.
Verified Purchase
by Danae
on 10/18/2014
Great product!
I love this oil! I can tell that it works wonders in my lip balms. I made a batch of lip balm without it and one with it, and the one with it is so much more creamier and silkier on my lips. I also apply it to my face at night, and I can FEEL the quality! :D Definitely going to be making another order here soon!
Verified Purchase
by Ceme
on 10/12/2014
Love it!
Always loved sweet almond oil, but was a snob. It had to be cold processed and pure, but I was paying a lot of money at the specialty stores and/or ordering online. One day I purchased BB 16oz bottle, just to try (at that price, why not), it was a little thicker than the cold processed and darker in color, but it did the same job. I not only make my butters, lotions, oils and soaps with this I wash my face twice daily and moisturize with this, use as a bath oil and use in my naturally curly hair. This removes my makeup, hydrates my skin and stops the frizzes for my hair. I came back for the 7 gallon jug this time. Will definetly keep this in stock.
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