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It's good, but I need to know...

This product works well in my conditioner from what I can see so far. However, since it's not pure aloe vera, I'm curious about the composition of this liquid. How much of it is actually aloe vera? How much of it is the sodium sulfite (which can be damaging to hair?).

Chloe from Bramble Berry replies...
99.5% of the product is straight Aloe Vera Liquid.

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Works great smells weird

I've purchased many Aloe Cera liquids over the years and this was the only time I've ever had a bottle of Aloe Vera liquid smell EXACTLY like witch hazel. I hope it's the correct bottle. It's completely clear, which can be normal for some varieties but I can't get over the smell. I have to use EO's or FO's at top % to cover the smell. Anyone else have this issue. Other then that, it worked great in my CP soap and in a small batch of body spray.

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Aloe Vera liquid

Aloe Vera liquid works great in CP but I would like to also use it in my melt and pour. Is Aloe Vera liquid ok to use in MP?

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I purchased this product elsewhere initially but due to the fact I love Brambleberry I decided to reorder from you guys. Unfortunately I received the product and the container was not full and the bottles were not sealed.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Robbin! We measure all of our products by weight, not volume so the 1 lb Aloe Vera Liquid would not be completely full. For more information on this check out A Guide to Weight Vs. Volume blog post. We also do not seal the bottles as we are not a food safe warehouse. Customer service has contacted you directly about this.

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5 Stars

I use in place of water in lotions, my facial cleansers, and in making bath bombs