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Very Moisturizing, lathers well

While it does dew more than the other melt and pours I've tried by SFIC (honey, white, and clear), it is in my opinion very moisturizing. It is easy to work with, makes my hands soft and smells clean.

Aloe Vera Melt & Pour

This melt & pour Base is a Great Item it already contains aloe Vera which saves me time and product. No need to buy additional Aloe Vera to add to all my soap! And its a clear Base which doesn't interfere with the color of my soaps!

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The Best I've Found

Looking for a free shipping deal I tried another vendors soap bases - they are horrible compared to BB's. This Aloe base is easy to work with, creamy and leaves skin feeling soft. The others I tried leave my skin feeling WAXY! Gross!! I looked at both bases ingredients list and that explained everything. BB is a quality list whereas the others are all chemical. No comparison - I'm back to BB for good.

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So great!

I use in combination with shea, honey and olive oil m&p.They blend so nice together and hold and scents I mix in them. I always get a great lather and I feel so much more clean after showing with soap I have made. Because I have made soap using bases and scents from here for 8 years now, I don't have to buy any at the store. I have a good deal of people who now get my soaps because it makes them feel so much better. Thanks so much for offering this!

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LOVE IT!!!!!!!

I melted some and added it to my Shea butter mixture. It easily blended in with the Shea butter and made my skin extra soft and smooth. I will be ordering more of this.