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Aloe Vera Melt & Pour

This melt & pour Base is a Great Item it already contains aloe Vera which saves me time and product. No need to buy additional Aloe Vera to add to all my soap! And its a clear Base which doesn't interfere with the color of my soaps!

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The Best I've Found

Looking for a free shipping deal I tried another vendors soap bases - they are horrible compared to BB's. This Aloe base is easy to work with, creamy and leaves skin feeling soft. The others I tried leave my skin feeling WAXY! Gross!! I looked at both bases ingredients list and that explained everything. BB is a quality list whereas the others are all chemical. No comparison - I'm back to BB for good.

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So great!

I use in combination with shea, honey and olive oil m&p.They blend so nice together and hold and scents I mix in them. I always get a great lather and I feel so much more clean after showing with soap I have made. Because I have made soap using bases and scents from here for 8 years now, I don't have to buy any at the store. I have a good deal of people who now get my soaps because it makes them feel so much better. Thanks so much for offering this!

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LOVE IT!!!!!!!

I melted some and added it to my Shea butter mixture. It easily blended in with the Shea butter and made my skin extra soft and smooth. I will be ordering more of this.

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Wonderful Base!

This base was a great moisturizer and lathered well. I even added a little over a teaspoon of another moisturizing oil to it, and it held up perfectly! It also retained color and scent well because it is so neutral!