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Don't get me wrong, the scent is amazing, but when I added it to my CP batch it accelerated like crazy! I was barely able to glop it into the mold before it became completely solid. I love the scent and will definitely use it again, just be prepared!


This fragrance is so unique and amazing! It's full of botanical freshness and it's a great unisex scent. It's in all my fall soaps.

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Soap issue with oil

Bought a large bottle of this fragrance oil because the first time I used it I loved it, this time I had an overheating issue and it all started right after I added the oil. I am nervous to use again but will do so in a smaller batch to be careful. I added some Rosemary the first time and was not sure if my adjustment was why I liked it so much,, hope the next batch behaves!

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So nice!

This came as a sample with my last order and I absolutely love it! It's very clean and well balanced. We will be ordering more of this in the future!

Amazing in Salt Scrub Bars

I received this as a sample with an order ages ago, and finally decided to try to use it in a test batch of salt scrub bars. OMG!!! Why did I wait so long??!! This fragrance held up in CP and is a mix between sweet, crisp and refreshing. I'll be ordering a full size bottle and hoping clients react the same way I do to it. Thank you BB!!