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A favorite

This one works well in HP soap. The fragrance lasts and lasts! Smells fresh and joyful, for lack of a better way to describe it. I thought it would smell like apple pie, but it’s more like a Jolly Rancher apple stick!

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Smells amazing and refreshing

Very Nice

Absolutely love this scent! Easy to work with and scent is holding up great in cup soap.

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My Favorite BB Fragrance

This smelled so good straight out of the bottle that I'd open it from time to time just to take a whiff. It performed perfectly in CP soap. No acceleration, no ricing, no color change. The scent stayed true in the final bar.

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First time FO purchase....

I had been contemplating ordering this fragrance for quite a while... What spurred me to go ahead and give it a try was my nephew. He LOVES applesauce! (He's 4) So I told him I would make him a soap with applesauce in it using this FO. Needless to say, he thought that was So Cool! Anyway, I absolutly loved the smell of it from the second I opened the bottle. And my nephew is going to love his name sake soap....Jeramiah's Appleshauce Shoap.....Lol! That's how he says it! The cure time is complete and it smells just as strong.