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Slight acceleration? I think not.

This fragrance does not do well in cold process soap. I was planning on doing a complex swirl, mostly soft oils, room temp. Added fragrance at very thin trace, instantly riced, and turned into a dense mashed potatoes goopy mess. Oh well, lesson learned. Works great in lotions, conditioners, ect.

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Mary Ann

I really liked this scent. no acceleration and performed well in CP soap. I did my best to use only clear oils so I could keep the colors true. Crisco, Lard. coconut oil, light olive oil and peanut oil. Added color before fragrance was a lovely blue BUT after I added the fragrance it turned greenish yellow. I was so disappointed. I love the smell but will not use again if I am looking to make a blue soap.

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Very close to the real thing

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So perfect for Mother’s Day!

Smells sweet, like flowers and fruit. My mother walk past my curing closet and walk back and went straight for the Couture bar. She loves the smell.

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Nice in soap

This is much better in CP soap than OOB or in bath bombs. It mellows out and has a softer feel in soap, it’s a bit harsh otherwise. It isn’t a great dupe but it’s a pleasant enough scent on its own. Definitely soap it!