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This is the best wax on the market

I use this for candles and melts, it's so easy to use, has a great scent throw.

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Tried making wax tarts

I ordered supplies to make wax tarts like the lavender and fir ones on the Soap Queen Blog. Even used the same molds but used my own essential oils. When I make them using the the same ratio of essential oil as stated in the tutorial (I think it's .7 ounces essential oil per 5.2 ounces of wax) after waiting 24 hours to cool, my tarts still come out too soft and some wax stays in the mold. If I use less oil there is not much scent to them. I would appreciate any help or advice because I would love to continue using this product. I love everything at and this is the only problem I have ever encountered with any of their products.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Elizabeth! I'm sorry you had trouble working with this wax. We found the EcoSoya Advanced Soy Wax worked great for wax tarts, as seen in our Lavender and Fir Wax Tarts Tutorial. I would recommend double checking your essential oils, some brands do not use 100% pure essential oils. If they have are mixed with a carrier oil, that could be what is making your wax more soft. Customer service has emailed you directly to help troubleshoot. :-)


I would give this 10 stars if i could. I thought C-4 wax was wonderful, but this is out of this world. Holds scent wonderfully. Burns great. The pour is awesome. My container candles have a beautiful shine.

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Solid Candlemaking Wax

I have to say that this wax is perfect for making container candles! I use it paired with cd-16 wicks and I get very smooth, clean burning candles! I also scent mine with 1% EO and it the scent carries just enough to not overpower the room! Im very impressed and will continue to use this wax and wick combo!

Easy to melt and use

I used this to make soy candles. It melted smoothly and made a creamy white candle. I did try it in some salves but they failed. I think it is too soft -- but it works great for candles.