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Confused on Usage

I used this in my recipe and two things happendd... I felt grit and the moisturizer didnt last long. Are there some things I could try to fix this?

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Thank God for wax

I found a recipe for a lush dupe that supposedly didn't need an emulsifier, yeah, no. It did. This is perfect. Once I figured out that it's 25% of the total oils - meaning the melted butter and the carrier oils, it was smooth sailing from there. I have the bio-mulsion. I'm going to try a small batch wth that.

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All E- wax is not created equal

In the past, I've used other E- waxs and those were just fine. I gave your E- wax a try. The first time, I assumed it would set up similar to the other E-waxs , well it didnt and there was a small amount of separation @ the bottom. So i retraced my steps and realized that i had to periodically mix this lotion till it cooled to between 90- 100 degrees. I didn't like the added time it takes to complete the lotion but I DO LOVE the silver feel of the lotion. This wax is a little more work, but it's a keeper for me.

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Worked great!!

I've used this wax in my whipped sugar scrubs and in my body butters with great success. Mixes well and holds nicely.

Not as good as Polawax

I tried using this in my body butter instead of polawax and I had to throw out the entire batch. All was fine when the lotion was warm, but after cooling in the jars it did not mix. The top part of the cream was gunky and the bottom was water. I will go back to using polowax.