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Perfect for a Beginner

The instructions are clear and there are lots of pictures. I would absolutely recommend this kit for anyone interested in getting started with CP soap making.

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Awesome kit!

After watching a bunch of Soap Queen “how to” videos on YouTube, I decided to try to make soap. This kit was perfect. It had everything I needed to make soap. The soap smells amazing. It is just perfect. If you buy it, be sure to read the directions first. Be careful around lye, wear the gloves & goggles. Honestly, if I could make soap, anyone could! I was really nervous about it, but it turned out perfectly.

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m Clark
Great costumer service

I ordered this kit it's the first soap I've attempted and I'm very happy with my experience with bramble berry they have helped me every step of the way the fragrance smells great the items included are very heavy duty and I can't wait to use over and over again thanks bramble berry for making my soapy dreams come true 😀😀😀😁😁😁

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When I received and opened the kit, I was so impressed with the quality of every single item included. To start making soap from a kit with high quality supplies is very impressive! Looking forward to making this soap, and many more with the reusable supplies. Thank you.

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easy recipe

this is my first CP soap making adventure and the kit made it so easy THANK YOU Bramble Berry!!!! The soaps are curing, smells wonderful....cannot wait to use them.Thank you again bramble Berry.