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Bramble Berry Soapmaking Supplies

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Valentine Loaf of Love

Hot Pink hearts embedded in layers of orange and lime green

Check out this eye popping version of Anne-Marie's embedded cold process project originally posted on the Soap Queen Blog earlier this month. 

In this version, we used clear melt & pour soap with some of our favorite micas to create this bright and lively variation. Also, we've included our trick to keeping the hearts standing up straight (which took us a couple of tries). Check out the instructions below.


Cut-out hearts:
9 oz. Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base
Jelly Red colorant
Red Blue mica

Flexible brownie tray

First Layer:
18 oz. Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base
Liquid Orange colorant
.25 oz. Kumquat fragrance

Second Layer:
18 oz. Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base
Liquid Green colorant
Yellow mica
.25 oz. Champagne fragrance

Plastic Loaf mold


Step 1: Melt the clear soap base and add equal parts of theJelly Red and Red-Blue mica until you get a nice bright pink color. Pour soap into the flexible brownie tray and allow to harden. Remove soap and cut into heart shapes with a cookie cutter or craft knife.

Step 2: Melt the soap for the second layer - this will include the support blocks to hold up the hearts. Add equal parts liquid green colorant and yellow mica for a bright lime green color. Mix the Champagen fragrance in and stir well. Pour 3 ounces into a plain mold and allow to set-up, set aside the remaining soap.

Step 3: Make the first layer. Melt the 18 oz. of clear soap base soap and add the orange color and kumquat fragrance. Pour into the loaf mold and allow to set-up.

Step 4: Once the green soap has hardened, remove from the mold and cut into little blocks about 1 inch tall by 1 inch wide by 2 inches long. 

Step 5: Once the first orange layer has completely set-up, arrange your hearts with green blocks in between to keep them up right (see below)

Heart embed Soap 

Step 6: Melt the green soap and any left over green blocks. Generously spray the hearts and blocks with rubbing alcohol. Were you really generous? Maybe you should spray one more time just to be sure. When the green soap is cooler than 120F, pour.

Step 7: Allow to harden overnight. Release from mold and carefully cut bars with a sharp knife. Slice along one side of each heart so you have a heart in front of each bar.

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