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Michelle B
Delightful Color

This is a bright and beautiful sunshine in your eyes kind of yellow. I use it in M&P and I just love the color.

Takes a Little Practice in CP

This is a beautiful color but it took me a little practice to use it successfully in CP. When I first added it to my cold process soap batter, it didn’t look like there was any color at all. So I kept adding more to get the shade I wanted. But 24 hours later the color had darkened and developed into an overly bright, super-duper day-glo yellow, lol! So when you use this pretty color in your CP soap, just keep in mind that it takes a while to develop. So if you want a pretty, buttery light yellow, use less than what you think you'll need because it will intensify.

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Jamie, Ewe So Dirty Products

The BEST buttery color I have EVER tried! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! This works so well in CP and never looses color. I use 1/2 the suggested amount to get the buttery color and it is amazing! Thank you for supplying such awesome products!

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Fizzy Lemonade

I love using this yellow in my melt and pour. It's beautiful and bright. I like mixing it with my green oxide to lighten up the green. I need to order more!

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Virginia I
Fizzy Lemonade

Best yellow I have found for cp soap. Clear and bright.