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Cute little letters!

This is a tricky mold to use, but I love the results. I pour hot (around150-160) melt and pour into the mold and wait for 10-15 minutes for it to cool. Once it does, I use a knife to slowly, carefully shave off the top excess soap. Then I pop the letters out, and it works just fine. I've tried using an injector and a dropper, but it just wasn't accurate enough.

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Alphabet mold

The letters are way to small, and hard to get soap into 1 letter at a time

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Latonya! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this mold. We love the tiny letters in Flexible Alphabet Embeddable Mold, making it perfect for making letter embeds or decorations for the top of your soap! The Injector Tool will definitely help to more easily fill in those letters one by one. See an example of using that tool to fill in small details in both our Celtic Melt and Pour Soap and Eggcellent Easter Melt & Pour tutorials. If you have any spills, you can fix them with the Clean Up Tool.