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Love this stuff

You are so right about the versatile! I made the frosting from soapqueen using recipe#3. Its the (bath) bomb! It took a few days, but hardened right up. I can even shrink wrap them Works just like whipped cream very easy to pipe. And, you literally have days to work with it! Thanks for the great recipes that some companies want you to PAY for. BB , you rock. Good price too, btw.

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As with all products I have ever bought from Brambleberry, this base is amazing! I always trust the quality that Brambleberry offers. Of course, it has a slight soap smell. It's soap! LOL. It is easily covered with the ratio of fragrance oil suggested by Soap Queen tutorials. It whips well. I whipped mine for about 10 minutes and piped it easily. A great base!

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Takes a little experimentation

Had thought that I could make piped topping out of this "straight"...What I discovered after a little research is that it must be added to soap based, along with liquid soap to form a firm piped topping. Still experimenting to make it more solid, but it is setting up much firmer with the additions than without. I did take off a point for the smell as, like others, I found it unpleasant. Mixed with other ingredients it is not noticeable in the finished product.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We don't mind kind of soapy smell of the Foaming Bath Butter and find it to easily be covered by fragrance. If you're sensitive to the smell you may like it better blended with something like Eucalyptus or Rosemary Essential Oil to help bring those properties out. It also isn't meant to fully harden since it is a whip. If you want your topping to haden fully you would probably prefer making something like the Whipped Cold Process Soap Frosting.

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how to store this

Hi, I plan on buying this, I just have one question, does this have to be stored in the fridge if not used? I live in a hot and humid place

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brandi kyle
love this but why??

I love this product for making whipped soaps but after i jar it and put the lid on (even days or weeks after) if i tip the jar over some oil will slowly run out the side of my tightly screwed on lid. Is this too much oil for the bath whip? Any ideas?

Chloe from Bramble Berry replies...
The Foaming Bath Whip can only accept about 0.5% additional oils so it sounds like you might have added a bit too much.