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Hard Lumps and Won't Harden

My high hopes for a simple solution to a piped topping for my soap were dashed. As noted by others, there is a very heavy, unpleasant fragrance to this product. The product was whipped with a standing mixer and whipped well. However, when piping, I discovered it still contained some hard, lard-like lumps. EO was added at the percentage indicated, and the soap has not hardened after 24 hours. I'm hoping it will eventually harden, or I'll have to scrape it off to save the loaf. All in all, I'll resort to making my own whipped soap next time. By and large Bramble Berry's products have proved to be of great quality and I'll continue to use them.

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how to store this

Hi, I plan on buying this, I just have one question, does this have to be stored in the fridge if not used? I live in a hot and humid place

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brandi kyle
love this but why??

I love this product for making whipped soaps but after i jar it and put the lid on (even days or weeks after) if i tip the jar over some oil will slowly run out the side of my tightly screwed on lid. Is this too much oil for the bath whip? Any ideas?

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I have made foaming body scrubs and a wonderful foaming body bath butter that I use daily (I've even been using it on my HAIR! I know call me crazy!) I do notice that when you use shea butter or any other 'carrier' oil, it can get tricky to get the balance right for a nice foam...and light on the EO's....I did about 4 different mixes and finally got it so that it was 2 parts OPC and 1 part carrier. If you are using more than one carrier, split that. It takes some playing, but I loved it!

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Love it!

We use this as the base for our face and body scrub. It's wonderful, and our customers rant and rave about our scrub.