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Great Product, No Issues

This bath butter works very well as a frosting on bath fizz cupcakes. Whips nicely with other ingredients. I have used in face masks, and it works very well. Not a bad price either.

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Grainy and CANT USE

I've been a big fan of Bramble Berry but I am very disappointed now. My batch ALSO arrived all grainy and can't be used for my whipped soap and whipped scrub. (Very frustrating when you're a soap seller and orders are backed up due to holiday season.) I reached out to Bramble Berry and got a response that I need to melt it and harden it to fix the problem. If your foaming WHIP is not WHIPPING, you should fix the problem before selling it to customers. Especially if I'm buying bulk spending $100 per box.

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Not so great batches

I have purchased this base many times, the first time I purchased a large case it was perfect! However, late last month I purchased another 25lbs case and when I was ready to use it a week later it had a grainy texture. At first I thought that whipping longer would help, but it didn't. I needed the base for an upcoming event that was a week away, so I bought another case and paid for 2-day shipping. It arrived quick, but it was still grainy. Sadly I had to make other products for the event. I have spent over $200 for this base that I can't use! It is unfortunate.

Chloe from Bramble Berry replies...
The Foaming Bath Butter can arrive grainy this time of year because of the temperature fluctuation. The best way to fix this is to melt down the foaming bath whip and then cooling it rapidly in the fridge or freezer before attempting to whip it again.

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Love this stuff

You are so right about the versatile! I made the frosting from soapqueen using recipe#3. Its the (bath) bomb! It took a few days, but hardened right up. I can even shrink wrap them Works just like whipped cream very easy to pipe. And, you literally have days to work with it! Thanks for the great recipes that some companies want you to PAY for. BB , you rock. Good price too, btw.

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As with all products I have ever bought from Brambleberry, this base is amazing! I always trust the quality that Brambleberry offers. Of course, it has a slight soap smell. It's soap! LOL. It is easily covered with the ratio of fragrance oil suggested by Soap Queen tutorials. It whips well. I whipped mine for about 10 minutes and piped it easily. A great base!