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I would love to purchase this item! Is it vegan though? And should I add an additional preservative to it if I want to make it into a sugar scrub?

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Not all about the butter

I love this bath butter I go through several pounds a month and it is always a great product. I would like to thank whoever JR is though that peoson packed my last 2 boxes and they have arrived in perfect condition. I often order many products and normally my jelly soap and bath butter arrive smashed, the package broken and the contents often covered in citric acid. I have always writen this off, cleaned it up, and put the products in another container but now I dont need to do that! I would like JR to pack all my boxes from now on :)

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receiving this soon

Hi I should be receiving this in the mail soon to play with I am wondering if this is an all natural product? Thanks!

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This stuff is addicting to play with!

This stuff is truly a blast to play with! It didnt have a strong or weird smell to me, it just smelled like It was nice and soft, like butter;p and took fo really well. It whipped up just fine for me (on the second try). And i made the most amazing shave soap i have EVER used! It lathered up nice and thick and my razor glides so smoothly and i dont have to re apply any soap thru my entire shave... To be honest, at first when i ordered this, my BB came broken. But i had trouble with a very careless delivery man and pretty sure he's the culprit. But as soon as I talked Matthew (i hope thats right) about it, he helped me right away and sent out another so quick, i got it like 2 days later. It was so generous of him and BB to do that for a customer even tho it may have not been their fault.

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Just not as good

I really liked the "old" foaming bath whip much better. This seems to have more glycerin or some component that has a different odor and different consistency. It also seems more difficult to blend in the fragrance oils and have them stay well blended. Please bring back to good stuff!

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kathleen! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this version of the bath whip. We love the Foaming Bath Butter and the variety of products it can create, though it is a denser product. To help get a lighter whipped consistency more similar to the previous version, you can try adding a lighter butter like Avocado Butter which whips up nicely, or even a small amount of lightweight liquid oil.