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Great product

The lather is really nice and silky, and it can hold at least 2.5 times amount of sugar in volume, although you're not supposed to do that. I use a basic $25 Black & Decker egg beater to whip, and it has no issues

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Leaves granules of product

I love the product but even after whipping a few minutes there are pieces of the product that do not get whipped that are the size of beeswax granules. I tend to err on the side of whipping less to prevent the product collapsing. An I not whipping it long enough? I'm using a powerful Kitchen Aid with the whip attachment. Any suggestions?

Not sticking ;(

The first use I had for this was making the following soap; I am really disappointed because it isn't getting very firm. I also noticed it is sliding off the melt and pour underneath it. It came out so beautiful but with the white layer coming off, I am starting to cry :(

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Love Love Love!

I'm so ecstatic about this product and so are my customers! It's definitely dense but it does loosen up ones your mixer warms is a bit. I have not had any issues with an odor and I have purchased both sizes, so I don't think that matters per say. It takes all kinds of fragrances beautifully.

To Dense

I purchased this to replace my stock of the old foaming bath whip I had, and it is NOT the same! This product is to dense for soap queens shaving cream blog! It clogged my husband's razor and he hated it! While this product may be good for other things don't buy it for use as a shaving cream! I wish they still had their old foaming bath whip available.