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Love this EO for Facial Creams

If it goes on my face, then it has this Frankincense in it. I know we can't make any claims about it on our products. But this EO has literally gotten rid of brown spots on my face & hands. My sister loved the results so much, she asked me to make her a facial moisturizer with this EO. I also love this EO for using in my room diffuser around the holidays.

Verified Purchase
reminds me of eucalyptus

this reminds me of eucalyptus mixed with something tangy maybe even sour earth like note (lemony) it reminds me of being in an ancient forest. very tree like. its odd but i like it. i hope it heals my eczema i have been battling that just seems to be getting worse as the seasons change again. UPDATE, yup it healed my eczema! nothing would heal it till i made a wonderful balm using this EO. ugh I worship this stuff now! Won't ever be without it, it also works great as a deodorant, and a room spray mixed with citrus oils. LOVE IT