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It does rice

Be prepared, like the description says, it does rice. It wasn't horrible though, it was manageable. I don't know what real bamboo smells like so I can't compare but I can say that this smells great. Very clean smelling.

Smells amazing, doesn't perform well in CP soap

This scent is amazing, but I wish the disclaimer on the bottle stressed how poorly this FO performs in CP soap. Not only did it really accelerate trace, it caused a lot of air bubbles to form and oil to weep out of the soap. I made half of the load Bamboo and the other half Jasmine so it was easy to compare the performance of the bamboo. If this scent is going to be sold for CP soaps, it needs to be reformulated to perform better.

Freash Bamboo Fragrance oil

Perfect smell, I love it, and I am going to purchase a 16 oz. bottle. Its smells like bamboo. Really great in melt and pour soap.

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Love it!

Love this FO in CP Soap. Fresh and wonderful.


This is fantastic! Idk if it smells like bamboo or not, but i sure do love it! It's really crisp and clean, and made a fantastic wax tart, i can't wait to mix it with some other scents!