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I love this scent! It's smells fresh and green and just plain incredible. Had absolutely no problems using it in cold process and I did a four color swirl. I just now made votives with it so I can have this smell all over the house because my soap is still curing. Will definitely buy more to put into everything......I'm in love!

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Love the scent, but....

I've made several batches of bath bombs and lotion/body butters using this fragrance and only one batch of CP soap (about 1 year ago). Unfortunately, I didn't put any notes regarding acceleration and had soap on a stick pretty quickly! Will continue to use in other products, but will have to come up with a new design for CP soap. You definitely have no time to swirl at all and I was working with room temperature oils/lye water.

Lotion - fresh, green - unisex without trying too hard

This is a good one. The scent stays pleasantly on the skin without being overwhelming.

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Fresh Bamboo

This is one of my favorite. I just love the earthy fresh scent!!!

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Super Fresh and Green but...

I bought this scent when I had the chance to visit Otion in the fall of 2014 and could smell it in person. I love green herbie scents, and so this was quickly a favorite. Definitely tricky to work with in CP soap. Use low temps, work fast, don't expect time to swirl. I've now made about 100 bars of soap with this scent (I sell, both retail and wholesale). What I've noticed is that it is lovely when first cured, but definitely morphs over time, becoming kind of meh by the time its 2-3 months old. It's like all the top notes that make it so fresh and lovely fade off. I had some Fresh Bamboo soap that was a couple of months old at farmers market and noticed that it had just flat out stopped selling. I happened to have a batch of Fresh Rain at the same time, and that sold much faster. So while I personally prefer Fresh Bamboo to Fresh Rain, as a scent, I think because the Bamboo morphs, I'll be switching to Fresh Rain from here on out.